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Bed Warped

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I've been messing with my Tarantula off and on for quite sometime and just realized my bed is warped. Is there an easy fix for this, like just putting a piece of glass on top of the bed to get an even surface?

When this happened to me, I removed the heating element from the bottom of my bed, and applied it to a 1/4 thick piece of tempered glass. Not a problem since.

interesting.. how did you removed the heating element? was it glued on like stickers?

It took only a minute to carefully remove the heating element and apply it to the glass. I had holes bored through the glass and the edges rounded before it was tempered. I cut two 1 1/2" lengths of 1/8" steel to go along the x axis at the front and back of the print area. Then used a strip of 3M double-sided foam tape on each to stick to the glass. Not a problems since. Also, my bed stays extremely level, rarely needing calibration before a print (I always check it, but rarely find it to not be level). I think I paid about $45 for the piece of glass. Well worth the investment since the original sticker-top print bed was garbage... It bubbled up within 2 weeks of my buying the printer.

i had to replace my original heatbed from TEVO and ordered this one:

On top I put this and I am printing since months and it's awesome!

I just use mesh bed leveling (UBL) that can compensate warp. Unless it is too big.
As far as I remember the stock firmware does not support it.
I use it with MarlinTarantula, and Klipper supports it as well

I have added a glass cover to my bed for a picture frame (hobby lobby) but I'm not sure if that will correct your warp as the glass is flexible and may conform to the bed not help your problem. If you bought it from a US sell I would try to get a free replacement due to it being defective.

You could add 3 large 0.6 to 1mm thick thermal pads on the bed and use 3 binder clips to clamp a piece of glass on top. This will give you a flat surface no matter how warped the bed is. https://i.imgur.com/llFtkSV.png

With the bed heated to 70C, take a straight edge and try to figure out just how warped the surface is. If the bed is convex (taller in the center than the edges) measure the amount of deflection on the other edge and get thermal pads thick enough to match. If it's concave then get the thinnest thermal pads you can find in about 1.5"x1.5" or bigger squares.

Putting a plate of glass on top won't help much, if at all, because when you clamp the glass to the bed, it will (eventually) take the shape of the bed. I added a piece of mirror to my bed, but what really did the trick was a BLTouch sensor.

I would replace the bed then add the glass. It is so much easier to remove the prints from the glass than trying to pry them off the bed. But then again, what do I know.

Is your acrylic bed support warped? Thats usually the source

No, it was cracked before but I printed a replacement on my Ender 5. when I lay the bed on it's top I can clearly see that it's warped.

I dont think it will help much just putting on a glass plate. It will warp the glass too when you put the clips on. A new bed doesnt cost much more than the boro glass. You should fix the source first or it will just give you more headache later