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MKS Base v1.4 pinout

motherboard pinout tarantula

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Hi all,

I am looking for the complete pinout (and if possible a schematic) of the MKS Base v1.4 sold with my Tarantula, and I cannot find it. I specifically want to locate pins 4 and 44, for a few mods I'd like to try, but no joy so far. Attached is a picture of the board. Thanks for your help.

Pins 4 and 44 are used by E1, neither pins have a header (no connector).
I have reversed the pinouts for all the header pins.
The attached files should help those of you wanting to tweak your settings/mods.
NOTE:pins_MKS_BASE_14.h works for my Marlin 1.1.8 setup but is not completely tweaked.

So just for clarity the MKS Base 1.4 is defined in marlin as board 33?

The board itself has not been added to Marlin 1.1 source.

I was able to get my settings pushed into the official Marlin source code, the board is now in Marlins firmware v2.0-bugfix:

Defined as "MKS_BASE_14"

Check out my example configuration for Marlin 2.0:

Hey man I just had to write you and thank you for this, I was also trying to wire a PT100 and I could not find any schematics of the mks 1.4 base anywhere online, unbelievable. You are a legend friend. Cheers.

Thanks for the feedback, it is always appreciated!
Have a great day!!

I wanted to thank you also !

I never found any details of the MKS Base 1.4 anywhere either. I just reassembled my TEVO after not using it for about a year or 2.
I just stumbled upon this post.

As Zoddie sayed. You are doing us a great service !!! Really appreciated. This is gold !

Thanks a million

I have been able to get the pinout defines for this board into the Marlin Bugfix 2.0 source as well.

Marlin has included my example config (tweaked for my printer).

You are awesome. I'm putting in a PT100 with an amplifier board and I needed an analog pin with Ground and 5v. Look like it's going next to the BLTouch on A11 or A12 oon XS3.

Glad you find the info useful.

This is more than useful. I have probably spent 3 or 4 hours trying to find even halfway accurate diagrams of the board, let alone a pinout spreadsheet.

I couldn't find any diagrams or schematics either.
This was my way to give back to the DIY community.

Please let me know if you find any errors with the diagrams/spreadsheet.

I already posted in other thread, but I see that this discussion is already about pinout.

Do anyone knows where the PS_ON pins are located?

I just found out in your Excel file that PB6 is PS_ON, so connecting one of the ATX on pins to PB6 and the other one to +5v ?

The main issue now for me is that I already have a BLtouch sensor connected to this pins if I don't remember wrong

You require a relay or "3D-Printer-MKS-PWC-Controller-Board-Automatic-Shutdown-Support-Marlin"
Be sure to set the define in configuration.h

Thank you. I did something like that to work around my problem and reassign the pins the way I wanted them to be for my filament runout sensor. I would have lost less time if I knew that neither pins 4 and 44 have a header... Thanks again.

I ran into the same problem, and decided to map out the pins.
I have already added a menu controlled LED that lights up were the extruder is printing.
I plan on installing the MKS PWC to enable auto shutoff after a print. https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/289037/33518474-bf5893da-d795-11e7-972f-34c612bd3657.jpg
and a modified version of https://www.hackster.io/binsun148/smart-filament-runout-switch-e0da31 that is not internet dependent.
I will probably post the instructions on my github https://github.com/AJMartel/3DFabXYZ_i3
Anyways hope this helps someone.

The best I could find was this schematic for the MKSBase 1.4, but no mention is made on the Schematic of where Pins 4 and 40 are bought out on the board. After having a close look at my board, I think it might be possible to access both pins by soldering connections onto the relevant tracks, BUT that would be tricky as the tracks are very small, and there seem to be no solder pads that connect directly to those pins on the ATMEGA chip.

If it was me, I'd look for an alternative way of doing it within Marlin by re-purposing other pins that are bought out on the MKSBase 1.4. But I think you'll need to dig and customise a bit deeper than just configuration.h ......

I considered doing just that and I found only PIN 44 as being free of assignment and delivering 5V PWM, what I need for controlling my laser head. I already assigned PIN 4 to an unsused endstop, and it works great. Thanks, Blanik.

MKS did not release the pinout. You can use previous board as reference and made use of available pins that were not used such as the extra end stops. https://forum.repetier.com/discussion/3972/pin-for-fans-on-the-mks-base-v1-3-ramps-clone

No, I found this one already (v1.1) but the layout is very different... Thanks anyway!