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by hastla

Tutorials, parts and other infos for TEVO Tarantula

Best is to join the owners community here on fb - really helpfull people & pics of prints: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TEVO.3dprinter.owners/


-> Where to buy the printer?

Recommended is to buy direct at the producer - links and different version here: http://pastebin.com/38FnD9F4

-> Tutorials

There are in general 2 build video available (02/2016). Soon there will be one available in German too. So download the 2 pics here for zooming in plus look at videos linked down.

TEVO printed tutorial: http://imgur.com/a/IMw9R


-> Videos

Build video by ArcadED (best of all):

TEVO original (no audio):


-> Addons & parts to print


-> Firmware

An updated community firmware can be found in File section of "TEVO Tarantula Owners" group on fb (link above).

-> Replacments list


More coming soon!

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Bed Warped

by zackpollard_04

I've been messing with my Tarantula off and on for quite sometime and just realized my bed is warped. Is there an easy fix for this, like just putting a piece of glass on top of the bed to get an even surface?

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MKS Base v1.4 pinout

by Denis56

Hi all,

I am looking for the complete pinout (and if possible a schematic) of the MKS Base v1.4 sold with my Tarantula, and I cannot find it. I specifically want to locate pins 4 and 44, for a few mods I'd like to try, but no joy so far. Attached is a picture of the board. Thanks for your help.

motherboard pinout tarantula
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new to owning a tevo tarantula

by kingkuul

help im new to owning a tevo tarantula original version i replaces xyz with linear rails but after doing so the z binds when going down how do i prevent this? how could i upgrade the board to a 32bit board to run either smoothieware or marlin 2.0? how do i get get a bl touch to configured on it rather then the probe that came with it? and last question how would i mount a bondtech dual extruder on it to be exact this one: https://www.bondtech.se/en/product/bmg-x2-extruder/ i know all these seem pretty much over kill but i think it would be cool when its done i just need a little help figuring this stuff out thank you for any help given :) :) :)

tevo_tarantula tevo_upgrade
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auto level question

by techevil

hiya guys, im sure im not the first person to be disappointed with the rather flawed design of the auto level system on the tarantula. while I have a wonderful solution for it in the works that ill post the stl files for, I ran across one more issue. I attempted to use the magnetic print bed I bought online, but the stock autolevel apparently is looking for the metal base. has anyone found a decent proximity sensor that responds to any surface that will work with the tarantula? if so please let me know, im open to all suggestions.

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Weird corners on small areas

by Adam_French

I have been tuning in my settings for a while and have nearly all settings correct, but a new problem has just appeared. When I printed a benchy, everything was okay, up to the windows and door area. Some edges seem to have 'rolled' into the part and melted. I don't know if this is a problem due to speed, overheating, or cooling. There are no articles I could find online about it, so I hope someone on here might know what s causing it. Thanks so much in advance.

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Anyone know Tevo Titan direct extruder step size?

by Sndgjaytr

can someone please tell me what's the step size for the Tevo Titan extruder direct drive? I have mine calibrated for Bowden setup but I forgot to recalibrate again when I switched to direct drive. Other than removing the nozzle.. Im hoping that someone can give me their numbers so I can start from there.


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AC bed heaters finally on the way for the Tarantula!

by monkeyman40

I have worked for over a month with Keenovo for the production of a Silicone Alternating Current Bed Heaters for our Tevo Tarantula's (the best selling 3D printer to date). A sample unit will arrive for me tomorrow for initial testing. I will be filming that fitment and testing of this very first Keenovo Silicone AC bed heater for the Tevo Tarantula Large bed (I do not own a standard size bed for the printer so I cannot directly test as much, but because the distance from the X-Axis bed edges to the start and end of the bolt hole and the standard bed has an identical measurement on the Y-axis as the X-Axis so there shouldn't be any trouble at all in production of as much in that smaller, standard bed size). I will video record the fitment of as much and can make that video public on YouTube for those here if requested. If you would like to see that video so that you can provide additional constructive criticism, start your post with the fist line saying only "YES" and place all additional content on lines below it.
Why does this matter? A: The Keenovo AC Silicone Bed Heaters can reach higher temperatures (on my Creality CR-10S it goes to 381°C) and does so extremely fast. Instead of waiting 8 to 20 minutes for the original DC bed to reach 95°C, it will be 1 to 3 minutes with these AC bed heaters. In addition the Silicone AC bed heater will hold far more stable temperatures and use for less DC power in doing so, leaving that power for the motors and nozzle heaters.
I will film as much upon arrival of the units (Tarantula and Ender 3/3 Pro/5 beds) and installation.
How happy are we all that this is finally coming to our Tarantula printers?



AC bed heater Keenovo tevo_tarantula_mod
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Printer stops printing suddenly

by Roichu

It happened 3 times in a raw. Yesterday it was printing well but today it stops printing in different heights. It does not show any message of error. It performs homming well. The stls that y was trying to print was printed succesfully a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think that it’s a problem with Cura, because there were no errors (as long as I can tell) and the SD card was removed securely.
What is happening on my printer?

error printing_problem tevo_tarantula
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E3D Vx hotend for a Tarantula (NOT A TUTORIAL)

by FreaKazaN

Hi, folks.

SO last month, I had a big issue with the default hot end the tevo taratula comes with (tried to talk to tech support, but no help ;m; ); anyway, I had to make something to fix this issue and the only possible way to do it was buying a new hotend.
Well: now the thing is installing the damn thing
(i bought this one: https://es.aliexpress.com/item/3D-Printer-E3D-V5-J-head-Hotend-for-1-75mm-3-0mm-3D-Bowden-Extruder-0/32438948563.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.ufYn8R)
I'd like to attatch the hotend temporary until I get some sort of adaptor for the hole machine to start printing... any idea is welcome here

Thanks for reading

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