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by hastla

Tutorials, parts and other infos for TEVO Tarantula

Best is to join the owners community here on fb - really helpfull people & pics of prints: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TEVO.3dprinter.owners/


-> Where to buy the printer?

Recommended is to buy direct at the producer - links and different version here: http://pastebin.com/38FnD9F4

-> Tutorials

There are in general 2 build video available (02/2016). Soon there will be one available in German too. So download the 2 pics here for zooming in plus look at videos linked down.

TEVO printed tutorial: http://imgur.com/a/IMw9R


-> Videos

Build video by ArcadED (best of all):

TEVO original (no audio):


-> Addons & parts to print


-> Firmware

An updated community firmware can be found in File section of "TEVO Tarantula Owners" group on fb (link above).

-> Replacments list


More coming soon!

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Frimware upload timeout error - PLEASE HELP

by depruett

I tried to make a change to my Marlin firmware last night (something I've done successfully at least once, when I updated the firmware shortly after I built the printer) and I kept getting a timeout error:

avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout

I've done quite a bit of Google research and there's not a lot of info on this issue (lots of posts, not a lot of resolutions), but I applied all the common "fixes" that I found.

My printer board is a Mega 2560 and I'm running Arduino 1.8.1 on a Mabook pro. I have the correct com port selected, the correct board and processor selected, and the correct baud rate (in this case, 115200). The Serial Monitor clearly shows the Arduino software is communicating with the board, and I'm also able to use Pronterface to move all the axes.

I've tried a couple different USB cables (not cheap Chinese ones). I've tried unplugging and re-plugging the USB, and I've tried hitting the reset button on the board right before upload (both tricks I found in various forums.) I even tried to re-upload my current version of the firmware, in case there was a problem with the updated version. But every time I try to upload, I get the same timeout error.

Has anybody else ran into this? I would love to hear other suggestions. So far, the only thing I haven't tried is rolling back to a previous version of Arduino software, like 1.6.1.

A couple other things I should add - I'm aware that Pronterface, Cura, etc. occupy the port when active. This isn't the problem. I've made sure those programs aren't running, and I've restarted my computer a few times just to be certain. Also, I've tried with the PSU both on and off.

Also, I have a second printer (a vanilla Prusa I3 with RAMPS 1.4) that I've had no problem connecting via the Arduino software, so I know there's nothing wrong with the com port.

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X-Axis off center.

by bradbed

Hey guys I need some help with getting my printer back to printing on the center of the build plate. I was using stock x-axis carriage but i had wobble issues with it so I printed a modular x carriage! It works amazing i have literally no wobble any more and my prints are coming out better than they ever have. Which is good and what i wanted but the new carriage is a lot longer and when it goes to print it is not in the center. its obviously still thinking it is using the old carriage. Basically i just want to know how i go about adjusting the steppers to find the center of my print bed. Thank you in advance for your time.

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Anyone Have a Slightly Defective MKS-Base Board to Get Rid Of?

by rebeltaz

I have been trying to diagnose a 3DTouch issue and I have been unable to figure out the issue. I'd rather not keep reprogramming a working printer trying to get this working. If I had a spare board, I could try different things outside the printer until I found the trouble. I know I can get an MKS-Base board for $30 or so on Amazon/eBay, but I don't really want to buy a board just for this one purpose. I've seen people on here talk about having burned out the X/Y/Z/E drivers on their boards. I thought I'd see if anyone had one with such burned out ports that they'd like to get rid of. As long as I can flash and run Marlin and as long as the z-end stop ports and the servo ports work, that is all I care about.

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BLTouch stops deploying randomly during G29

by brandonberg

I have had the BLTouch installed in my Tarantula for a bit over a month. Up until now it has been working fine without issue. Recently during a G29 command at the start of the print, the probe will not deploy (or deploy late) resulting in a bed crash part way through the bed leveling process. Initially I thought it may have been because i switched from 3 point Linear to 5 point Bilinear. Upon switching back to Linear leveling I still encounter the same issue. Short video of the issue is attached (You will notice the EZGimbal doing its job in the background :) ) I have tried different firmware versions on two different boards (MKS Base v1.4 and v1.5) and also checked the wiring. I also then thought the probe might be sticking inside the slider on the BLTouch so I cleaned and polished it which made no difference.

Edit: Couldn’t attach the video so here is the YouTube link.

Another option to troubleshoot would be to buy a new BLTouch to see if it is the unit that is faulty. Given the cost I only want to do this as a last resort.

I have had a look at the Marlin GitHub page but it all looks a bit overwhelming and still trying to work out how it works. If anybody has any other suggestions, please help! :)


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