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Nereus - looks like an interesting new printer

by laprius

Manufacturer store link below, selling through your favorite Cn-app! Aliexpress, Banggood, or direct!


Starts shipping from around 20/Feb from what I've been told - and as a Tarantula owner having to replace all the acrylic parts, parts are now metal. Yay!

Still looking for info and reviews on this model as it isn't really out in the wild yet, but if it's as flexible and dependable and hackable as my Tarantula I'll be happy!

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by AntMakes

Has anyone made an enclosure for this printer? if so could you provide details?

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Hotend Troubles

by sdooley

So I kinda have a weird issue, the extruder will extrude then stop for what I can see, no apparent reason. Let me tell you what I have done to trouble shoot so far and maybe there is something I am missing.

  1. Replaced nozzle
  2. replaced bowden tube and connectors
  3. gears are all functioning normally
  4. no oozing, no clogs of any kind, clear path through hotend
  5. loading and unloading filament works fine.
  6. the hotend is getting up to temp

When loading filament it will extrude and then just stop ,the gears are still trying to push the filament but it is "acting like there is a clog. So I will dissemble the hotend just to find no clog. I am baffled.

EDIT: Thank you everyone for your help and insight. It was indeed the bowden tube. It wasn't sitting flush, so I used a pipe cutter to get a nice clean, straight cut and that did the trick. Printer has been printing great ever since.

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Error 5 code

by Revmikey

I am very new to 3D printing and scored a used tevo Nereus in an eBay auction. Every time I try to print with it, the hot end travels to the "home" position then sits there for a minute and then "err5" appears in red in the upper right hand of the touch screen. I am having a frustrating time finding any information on what error 5 is and or how to fix it so that I can actually use my Nereus. Any one have any insight on this?

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Replacing/upgrading the hot end

by Revmikey

So it looks like I will need to replace the hot end on my Nereus. Do I need a Nereus specific part or just any 24v hot end? Sorry if this is a dumb question; I am very new to 3D printing. Any recommendations I should consider? Links would be greatly appreciated :) been googling, but having a hard time finding Nereus specific parts etc.

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