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TEVO Little Monster Owners Group

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Printer keeps 'unloading' while printing... filament keeps falli

by Babylonfive

I have a lovely but not optimized little monster, and most recently I have adjusted its retraction settings to something like -8mm and the speed to 1500mm/min on the simplify3D settings.

I'm noting that regular boxier prints with few changes seems to work fine but prints with tons of high-detail which presumably jump from feature to feature (picture a ship model with lots of deck details) always end within a few layers, with the filament outside the extruder. I'm deducing that the retractions are somehow ending up with an average minus length at some point that leaves the filament outside the extruder wheel... how can this happen, and has anyone seem such a thing?

One other thing: my bulk filament mount is readjusted to hang over the hole, but it doesn't always feel like it's a smooth feed, so I could see how the retractions are easy and the feeds are hard, this might also happen... wanting to make my filament holder much more smooth and easy-feeding, but haven't yet.


Very best to the other LM users.


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Faltering (next steps?)

by 1STerminus

So, I have made one attempt to get the printer working (printing) after achieving successful calibration and other operations (motion control, extruding filament, etc.) I made an attempt to install slicer software and do further configuration on the printer in order to prepare for printing.
I am not sure exactly what need to do from Step 1 to Step N in order to get it printing. The manual is pretty bad and I can't seem to find the information online about which tasks need to be performed to get it printing properly.

I apologize for my lack of experience I am sure this is somehow intuitive for folks who have been working with the technology any length of time. I was thinking I had chosen the wrong printer to begin with and should have built something smaller and more simple then worked up but I wanted the largest print capacity I could afford.

I suppose this is comical to contemplate and I will laugh at myself some day I am sure!

So, I use Linux mainly but have a windows 7 laptop I was using for the printer since it is still on the workbench. What configuration settings need to be changed in the LM before it can actually print. I assume something to do with where the first layer is in relation to the hot end? I guess there are some speed settings too. Do we edit the Monster.ini on the main control board (the filesystem on the microsd card?) I with I didn't have to ask all these questions, I wish the information I need to actually get it printing was in the manual. From looking at everything I've found including youtube I must be a dolt because people just seem to be printing with them without problems.

Thank you in advance for any knowledge about this procedure from end to end that you can share with me. I am sure my printer is working and put together well but I am challenged getting it printing. This is mainly due to being unsure what to do next, I guess.

  1. Task: Obtain slicing software. I chose Slic3r.
  2. Task: Configure printer. I think I have to edit Monster.ini on the main controller but am not sure.
  3. Task: Successful test print (my goal.)
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Replacement Nozzel

by cdalyai

I need to buy a new nozzle for my Little Monster 3d printer, their are what seem to be hundreds of sizes with different lengths. I'm some what new to this hobby and have no idea what nozzle I need, so If possible put a link to what will work...

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Slight Layer Shifts in The Printed Object Finish - Simple Fix

by LoadMaster1

After struggling for sometime with the surface finish on the final prints, I found that adding a loop of Elastic Cord around the effector corrected for these slight shifts and makes for a much smoother surface finish. Here is a link to the cord I used from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079BN7HMH/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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TEVO order, no delivering

by Mattschwarz

i ordered a TEVO little monster at beginning of Feb.
No printer is delivered until now ( 14.05. )
Dont do the same ´mistake than me, only a little warning.

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