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Recent Topics

3D-objects Illustrating Abstract Concepts

by antonaccid

Alexander Dullinger (Xelrael) recently posted "Activation Energy of Exothermic Reactions - Teaching Tool" (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4539044). It's a good example of a 3D object illustrating an abstract concept (e.g., love, freedom, history, health, brand, success), as opposed to physical concepts. His interactive model is based on a traditional textbook graph illustrating Activation Energy.

It also reminded me of the potential for 3D objects to improve learning abstract ideas (e.g., concepts, laws, patterns, principles, relationships). 3D-printing enables us all to create models about abstract ideas. These models could be created by the instructor, or maybe better as student-created models demonstrating their understanding of it or an aspect of it.

It's a challenging task with much value. Let us know if you have some ideas about 3D-models and abstract ideas.

Activation Energy of exothermic Reactions - Teaching Tool
by Xelrael
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3D Printed Water Bottle Holder

by ekaran50

With everyone so focused on printing masks, SelfCAD decided to design something that will help people outside of the quarantine.

Check out how it was designed in this video.


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Students with Visual Impairments

by antonaccid

Dimitrios Vogias (Feelform) recently posted his Map of the USA for the Blind (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3496053). It reminded of a conversation I had with a blind student. While handling a 3D-printed stapes bone (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3667), the student exclaimed, "Oh, that's what a stapes looks like!"

What are some ways 3D printing might assist our students with visual impairments?

Map of USA for the Blind
Human ossicles (ear bones) ~10X
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Find and Share Educational Objects

by antonaccid

If you find an object that might be useful to other educators, please post a comment about it here. Maybe include a link to the object and a few thoughts about how and why it might be useful for teaching and learning.

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3D Printing as Art

by antonaccid

When at Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) several years ago, we saw an exhibit of 3D-printed art. Here are few pictures of it.

I want to add 3D art to my presentation on "Using 3D Printing for Teaching and Learning". Are you aware of artists or art teachers exploring 3D printing as an art medium? Any exceptionally good examples of 3D art on the Thingiverse?

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