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Stackable Figure Trays


I am looking to print some kind of stackable tray setup for storing figures. I was wondering if anyone knew of existing stl files for this application. Ideally the risers would work with the Battle Foam Magna Rack legs as I have extras of those. I was thinking it would be nice to find something that allows you to take one of the 12x12 metal sheets from home improvement store and puts a frame around it so you can then stack them. Or some kind of rack that the metal sheets can slide into as all my figures are on magnetic bases.


frame magnetic stackable storage tray
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what do you think this thing?

by huminlian

This is a pavilion prototype,do it look so beautiful


Demon Flail
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Modular Space Soldier

by mrhers2

I know everyone and their sister has put out space marine models. However, not everyone is as good at modeling at some of the very talented people here. So, I wanted to start an "opensource" space marine 100% done on tinkercad available to anyone that wants to add details, gear, or whatever. The goal here is for anyone to have input on creation that wants to and make whatever their heart desires. He's pretty generic looking right now but I know with the community's help we can make something nice looking.
You can find the link to the tinkercad file in the description of the thing I uploaded:

Modular Space Soldier Boy
by mrhers2
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No Longer Produced Tomb Kings

by ZannyBeatle

I want to see if anyone has any ideas for models that could act as substitutes for the Tomb Kings from Warhammer Fantasy. I love the models but the models are no longer produced. I was wondering if anyone has models for Tomb Guard, Necrotect, or Tomb Lords/Prince. Tell me if you have any ideas for these models working on my own models for them too.

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Looking for Konrad Curze STL

by James-McCloud

hey guys, do anyone know some sides or STL's for konrad curze

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New Demon Flail from Marilith Pack

by 3DArtGuy

Hi everyone,

I have a new weapon design that may interest tabletop players: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4328700

The demon flail is part of my Marilith Pack (images attached). Mariliths are highly intelligent beings with a good sense for tactics, a domineering and wicked personality, and the rare ability to unite and coordinate the actions of demons. They also have a lot of martial pride and with SIX arms, you better believe they can overwhelm their opponents.

I make unique characters based on what patrons suggest and vote on. These become available as wallpapers and 3D prints exclusive to patrons!

Demon Flail
cosplay cosplay_prop cosplay_weapon demon dnd dnd_miniature dungeons_and_dragons flail Marilith miniature
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Most reliable 3D printer under $700?

by meierme176

In your opinion, what is the most reliable 3D printer under $700? I have a Flashforge Inventor, Geeetech A20M and an Anycubic Photon.

I was hoping the A20M would be more reliable than the inventor as it is dual extrusion out of a single nozzle, but I have had nothing but problems with it.

I was thinking about trying the Creality CR-10 as it seems to be a favorite for print farms, but I wanted your opinions first.

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Looking for modern day type miniatures.

by esloan88

I am about to run a Werewolf: The Apocalypse campaign and I am looking for more modern day miniatures. Fantasy and sci-fi are a dime a dozen but I need stuff like police, park rangers, security guards, people in suits and stuff like that. Anyone know of good examples of the above? Thanks!

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