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Wiring diagram or picture

by MarcSeriously

Just bought this used and it was not connected properly. Need a wiring diagram or picture please.

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Help required

by andralex10

Good day to you! May i ask a few questions, and if one of you has an idea how to solve some, PM me or write in comments.
1) the high-quality print. When i print on resolution lower than 0.2, the filament flow is not enough. The walls are thin, the infill looks like not hexagons, but like a wisp (i'll include two photos, the dreadnought body is on 0.2mm, arm is on 0.15 and it is terrible), it seems like because the printer moves too fast while not extruding enough plastic. That is also a reason why small parts are not printing good either. I've tried to lover the print speed to 45/60 and set flow level at 120%, and even pla temp up to 215 (220 is max), it just gives no result.
2) extrusion issues. When i print something which is oriented vertically (i tried to print a six-barrel gun oriented vertically so at every layer printer had to print actually six 1-mm radius circles), or something precise, there comes the time when it just stops extrusion. Again, leveling flow to 120% does not help. The only solution is to take the smallest maintenance instrument from the assembly kit, clean it and push all the filament out, and then try again.
3) z endstop. Every time i finish printing, i have to screw back the z endstop again, as while printing, it screws down and breaks all the auto home
4) z rails. These copper-like circle pads on z axis are preventing and making hard the movement of left rail if screwed tight, and if not, they rattle and i think give leaps while moving.
5) z blinks. When z moves from up to down, it does perfectly until last 7 sm, where it starts to skip and fall . Though in the end it seems quite well oriented.
6) how the hell do you level that three-point platform? Whatever i do, the up-right corner is always lower, while other quarters of workspace are perfectly levelled.
Thanks for your support
Any experiments were made with stock PLA plastic

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Slic3r Settings for I4

by alecthegeek

Does anyone have a settings for Slic3r that work well for them they could share please.


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New owner

by jdurand

I just ordered a Prusa i4 (err...Prusa derivative style version i4???) printer. It's my 4th printer but I'm going to put my delta up for sale bringing me back to 3.

What things should I know about setting this up when it arrives? Special incantations? Need to tweak a part or two?

Other than that, hoping this works as well as our two Afinias, I have somewhere over 10,000 hours on them and one is only about 5 months old!. So, much experience here keeping things running and fabricating parts when needed (I also have a machine shop).

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