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Penetrations being printed as solid - Solved

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Hi all

I am having a problem with designed penetrations being printed as solid. In the 1st screengrab you will see the sketchup model. The hatched area is the base of the model to show that the holes do indedd penetrat the top layer(s). The 2nd screengrab shows the slicer output with the 4 large holes filled. Any suggestions as to why this is happening??
The model is designed so that when printed the support material will act as a diffusser.

There's a good extension for Sketchup that can help you check for issues in a model that aren't water tight. Solid Inspector 2.

Added Solid Inspector and it found the errors. All sorted now. Thanks for the assistance.

Not a perfect answer, but...

This kind of problems had all a long when I used to do SketchUp. It is so easy to introduce some bogus walls inside the solid with this SW. When you do that, the slicer goes haywire and does something similar to what you show here.

I just advice you to do what I did: Switch to some real 3D SW such as Fusion360. This of course comes with some learning curve, but after couple of weeks you will be up speed. It will pay off, I guarantee.

Hi lanternfish,

Try reversing faces, circles are a little wonky in sketchup.
Make sure faces are all the same.

I have also had some success with using x-ray to delete non needed
Lines which may help create a solid object.

I am still learning, but this had help me in the past.

Hi Cuztumizer.

Thanks for responding.
I have tried both your suggestions prior to posting with no success. I'll look again to see if there are any reversed faces I missed.
I will also install Solid Inspector plugin.

It also looks as if you may not have grouped objects while creating. Did you create a bunch of individual objects and create components or groups? Then you can manipulate them and create a single solid object from many components or groups.

Just a thought and problem I have been through on Sketchup!

I did create components, postioned them, exploded them and then intersected all. This always worked in the past yet for some reason this object just won't behave.

There's one thing I've found when using the intersect faces feature. If it's not done precisely right, it can introduce hidden faces and edges which can cause weird problems.

No problem, I'm happy to share what I have been through, as well as learn!
Have you tried printing even though it has an error?
I have done this before and it turns out just fine.. do a tester, small size and low volume!

No guarantee, but might work. At least in my experience.

  • The Cuztomizer

Added Solid Inspector and it found the errors. All sorted now. Thanks for the assistance.

Good suggestion. It won't use much material or take too long. Cheers

There is a feature in Windows 3D builder that can repair some bad STLs.

I will look at that too. Cheers