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SketchUp Plugins for 3D Printing

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SketchUp plugins can be pretty handy for making your 3D designs printable. What is everyone using on their installs?

My current must have plugins are:

CleanUp³ - Removes stray "orphaned" lines from your models. Great for finding those hard to find parts that are keeping your model from being a manifold mesh.

Weld - Turns multiple edges into a single polyline.

Solid Inspector - Helps you find issues with your models that are keeping it from being a manifold mesh.

Shell - Adds thickness to single walled models. Somewhat finicky but it can easier than modeling complex shells on existing objects.

Selection Toys

You can use the right-click menu to select the selection method. In general, you can select only the edges that can not be selected at once.

Curic Edges to Arc

A plug-in that allows broken arcs to be treated again as arcs.

Shell - Offsets the surface in selected groups or components.

The default thickness is as large as 500 mm, which makes it difficult to handle 3D printing.

Plugins > tt_shell > core.rb

[ Before modification ]
@settings.set_default( :thickness, 500.mm )

[ After modification ]
@settings.set_default( :thickness, 1.mm )

Make a list of boards from 3D drawing made with SketchUp

Draw Whorl
Draws spiral threads with tapered section (if needed) for making screw and bolt threads.


Powerful boolean operations for SketchUp

It is better than the professional version of software.
Trimble is skimming functional improvements.

SketchUp STL - Import and Export STL files for 3D printing

When importing, the surface may not be joined well. It is better to change the setting as follows...
( Import STL Options > Scale > Units: Feet )

Perhaps, when someone made an STL file, the unit system would default to feet.

Unfortunately, size 1 mm is read as 304.8 mm. It is difficult to manually correct it, so I prepared a plugin to fix.

Install the Zcale-selection2.rb file to your sketchup Plugins directory.

CLF Label Open Faces

It is a plug-in which detects a face which is not closed. It is convenient to check because the open side can not be printed 3D.
Note that this script does not dig down into groups and components.

Curic Align - Align Objects

You can use the function of aligning to XYZ axes. For 3D printing, the function of aligning to the Z axis is useful. To quicken it, right click and select the menu "Align XY plane(red-green)".

Comments deleted.

Zorro2 - The classic slicing plugin

It is convenient to check the cross section.

Generate 2D SVG shapes from SketchUp faces

It is convenient for thin plate processing.

It's not a plug-in, but it's a necessary feature, so I will write it.

"MENU > Edit > Remove Guides"

You can clear all the guides in the drawing at once.

Thanks - I've been meaning to look up how to do that. Guides can get a bit hairy in a design without the occasional cleanup.

The launch of the sketchup was very late. Unplugging the SketchUcation plug-in is quicker to launch. It will take more than one minute to open and close the file.

I removed the following file from the plugin folder.

SketchUcation folder

Circle Intersect

It guides the position of circle and arc.

FixIt 101

It corrects mistakes in figures automatically.

Circle from edge

It is a tool to write a circle by specifying the diameter. There are times when it is more convenient to write a circle with the center specified.


A guide point can be set at the center of the face. It may be more convenient than the Guide Tools.

Guide Tools

Automatic Face Reverser

When it is troublesome to unify the front and back of the face, it can be corrected collectively.

I have had this Program from the begining . I have found the Plugins for 3d Printing. and it is my tool of choice.

Selection Memory

Menu:Edit » Cycle Previous Selections

You can reproduce the previous selection. Handy when you deselect.


You can download the CAD data from the model number of the parts.
Unfortunately , read one millimeter wrong one inch . I tried to contact support . It seems not to repair . Can be used if the size to 0.03937007874 (1mm/25.4mm).

I wrote the sketchup plugin. You can reduce the grouped items to their original size.

MoveIt v2.1.0

Useful when you align the parts in the Z-axis .

There is another new plugin that I would like to add to the list.
MakePrintable - Prepare Sketchup files for 3D printing using cloud-based mesh repair fixer. Errors are detected and fixed automatically.



Ok I'd like to add a little to this list. here are 3 plugins that I couldn't do without. All of them are downloaded from sketchucation. you can sign op for free and download all of these. They are all from the "fredo6" collection. So you will need to download the "fredo6" plugin first.

JOINT PUSH PULL- allows you to push pull ANY surface.

ROUND CORNER- Just what it says. Rounds the corners of anything you select. You can change the round type as well as the rounded offset.

CURVILOFT- This is by far the best sketchup plugin in existence. Its difficult to explain what it does but heres a link to a video that will show you.

solid inspector or solid inspector2?

Since posting that I've switched to Solid Inspector 2. It works pretty well, though I have heard of people keeping both installed and running them both on tricky models.

I run both, they seem to work differently. Solid inspector does a better job of highlighting individual errors. Solid inspector 2 seems to want to automatically fix everything, it has more of a shotgun approach.

is this available the free version or full purchased software

Sketchup is free. The only difference between the free and paid versions is free sketchup does not have the boolean solids tools. And quite honestly you can do without them. All those plugins are free to use in free Sketchup. I reccomend getting solid inspector one and two. They work different and together they catch all problems.

Guide Tools ( Set of tools for creating construction points.)

A menu for determining the "CPoint at Arc Center" is useful. "CPoint at Arc Center" is more convenient than "CPoint at Circle Center" because it can be shared. If you assign a shortcut, "CPoint at Arc Center" is better.

[Plugin] Remove Inner Faces

The inner face that understanding I'm able to delete tightly .

SketchUp Plugins: How to Draw a Helix or a Spiral

use in conjunction with "follow me" tool.

It is a tool that you use when writing gear .

It is a surprising effect . And free of charge .

Solid Inspector has been upgraded.

Solid Inspector²

Inspect and repair solids in SketchUp

Comments deleted.

Rotated Rectangle Tool Example
A tool to create rectangles in arbitrary orientations.


CLF Center on Origin
This plugin will center components and/or groups onto the model origin 0,0,0.


Solid inspector works ok on occasion, but it doesn't nearly come to the capabilities of netfabb cloud.

My most used plugins are STL export, and Soap Skin Bubble. If you have never heard of soap skin bubble it is extremely useful. Look it up on youtube and follow some tutorials on how to use it, soon you'll wonder how you got along without it.

The most important is "SketchUp STL". http://extensions.sketchup.com/fr/content/sketchup-stl

"Artisan Organic Toolset" can help for organic or low poly designs. http://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/artisan-organic-toolset

Box selecting your model and intersecting faces before using the cleanup plugin really makes clean designs. Hide a face and look inside your model too. Click one outside face and use the right click menu to orient faces also. Mixed up faces can screw up your slicing. After all that unhide the face and export your STL.

Shapes - Easy way for creating 3D Shapes (Cubes, Spheres...)

I love Round Corners but it crashes my SU a lot. Do you have that issue? Could be conflicting plugins on my end I suppose.

Round Corners works well on my version of SU. I had to fiddle with the settings within Round Corners a bit for the best results, but its never crashed the software.

Huh strange. Are you on a PC? I wonder if it's an issue with the plugin and the Mac version of SU.

You definately don't want to forget this one. It's extremely handy

I use this plugin, works really well.