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Two-color printing with dual extruder

by pigskins65

I tried to make a 2-color coaster that has text in the middle. I wanted the base white and the text black. The best I could figure was that I would create 2 STLs, one that was the round base with raised text, the second which was the round base with the text cut out. Then import into S3D and use the dual extrusion wizard. I made the bottom base black so that the black text stuck up through the hole in the white layer. It took over 3 hours due to all of the extruder changes I assume, but it sorta worked. Unfortunately the black bled through or oozed through the white, some of which look like travel lines. The rest I'm unsure what caused it. I did it this way because I want the surface to be as flat as possible.

Then I thought I could just create one model with slightly raised text and just change to the other extruder at a certain layer, but I am unsure how to accomplish that. I see lots of scripts for single-extruder printers but not one to change extruder at a certain layer. Any pointers? Thanks!

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Clear/transparent filament

by pigskins65

When printing with "clear" filament are there certain settings that will make the item more transparent than not? I know it won't come out perfectly clear, but I've read that in another slicer choosing Concentric infill pattern will give the best results. I don't see that choice in S3d under Internal Fill Pattern although it is there under External Fill Pattern.

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What's the trick to enable bridging?

by pigskins65

I for the life of me could not get bridging enabled when slicing this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1655007

I read some old posts that mentioned a possible bug in S3D but is that still the case?

MS Surface Dock Mounting Bracket
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Help with Sagging and Curling

by UnderwoodMakes

Hey guys! I have a problem that's confusing me.

I just switched from Inland PLA from Microcenter to MatterHackers Build PLA, and I'm having trouble getting the settings right.

If you look a the pictures, the back corners of the benchy are curling, and the hull in the front is sagging. Both of these would be stereotypical symptoms of over-heating, but I've dialed the temperature down to 190C, and other portions of the print like the box behind the cabin and the cabin roof don't have curling or sagging issues. The cabin printed beautifully, the horizontal holes all printed well, and the bottom 10 or 12 layers are fine.

My room temperature is about 60F (it's in the basement). I'm printing without any part cooling whatsoever (never had a problem with the Inland PLA), and my machine is a Rostock Max V2. Bed temperature is 70C.

I don't understand why portions of the print work very well while others are drooping and curling. Any suggestions?

MatterHackers PLA rostock_max_v2
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E3d V6 Default/Starting PID settings

by BlueNostromo

Any recommended starting PID settings? Heater is acting up.

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