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by RobotMama

As I was missing a group about sewing, fabrics, threads and fashion, here it is!

What it's all about?

  • post your things
  • make design requests
  • discuss topics
  • get help
  • get in touch with others
  • invite others to the group
  • get your fabrics running ;)

Examples for things:

  • chain mail or other 3d printable fabric
  • tools like scissors, rulers, spools, sewing machine adapters, sewing guides, templates
  • tool organizers like needle organizers, spool boxes
  • items to sew onto your clothes like LED covers, patches
  • helper machines like wool winder, looms, knitting machines
  • accessories that you would normally sew like wallets
    or other fancy stuff like tests of 3D printing on real fabric
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3D Printed Flower Crop top

by thehotender

Hello! I'm publishing this flowered crop top, proposing 3d printing as a new way to create fashion.
This is not for sewing, as my proposal was to make a garment that you can mount right out the 3D printer, but as you are a group of people interested in fashion and into 3D printing I think that can interest you.
I include a PDF explaining the material needed (flexible TPU) and how to create a knit/net-like texture on the garment that will make it really nice at the touch and how to size it for yourself.


Resilience flower crop top
3D_Fashion fashion flower spring
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Beautiful Lattice Structures for design projects

by RobotMama

Lattice structures normally are intended to optimize functional parts by making them light-weight and strong by filling the inside with a complex structure. This is used in aerospace technology to save on fuel while flying and still maintaining structural integrity and strength of the parts that are optimized.

Nowadays these structures can be achieved with metal 3D printing (laser sintering, laser melting and the like). But these structures are also interesting from a design perspective. The pure beauty of them inspires to use these structures in architecture, fashion or other fields.

Here are my tests with different topologies, printed on a Formlabs Form2 (SLA printing) with clear UV resin. If you want to create your own structures head over to NTopolgy (https://www.ntopology.com) they have a beautiful free tool for that.

You will find more footage next week on my Instagram, Facebook and Youtube accounts.

I hope you got inspired like me and get hands-on designing. Let me know in the comments what projects you came up with.

Cheers RobotMama


Lattice Structures - Mikrostrukturen
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Merry Christmas

by RobotMama

I wish all of you a merry Christmas!

This year was a wild ride for me with many learnings, now it’s time for retreat and reflection.
Thanks to everyone for a great community.
I wish you happy holidays and a great New Years start!

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Circular knitting needles

by LoboCNC

I've just posted some circular knitting needles that are very short, for things like gloves and socks. (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2695231) Saves you from having to use double pointed needles. I've included a couple of different sizes and lengths, but let me know if you need something different and I can add to the collection.

Circular Knitting Needles (very short)
by LoboCNC
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Opening up the Bobbin Thread Spool Holder for Commercial Use

by RobotMama

Hey everyone,

I decided to open up the bobbin holder for commercial use, please give proper credit to me (linking back here, and using the printout tag) when using the design.

Enjoy the design!

Cheers RobotMama


Custom Bobbin Thread Spool Holder
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Print-in-place fan, etc.

by LoboCNC

Hi all - I'm new to this group. I don't do a lot of sewing, but I occasionally post Things that might be of interest. In particular, Drato thought my print-in-place fan might fit in here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2510102

I also just posted a pair of scissors (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2515823). Not a great pair of scissors (scissors are actually quite tricky) but they do cut paper reasonably well.

Lastly, a while back, I did a couple of presser feet (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:695385, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:693944) for my Pfaff sewing machine. Hope these things are of interest.

Print-in-Place Hand Fan
by LoboCNC
Wicked Sharp Scissors (with replaceable blades)
by LoboCNC
Freehand Foot for Pfaff Sewing Machine
by LoboCNC
Beading Foot for Pfaff Sewing Machine
by LoboCNC
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3D Printing on Fabric

by RobotMama

Finally my tutorial is out on how to print on fabrics. You can find german and english videos in the design at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2423561.

Let me know, what you would design with this technique?

Print on Fabric | Nr 1: V Neckline or Necklace
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3D Printed Vintage Sewing Machine Parts

by Maxjr758

New member, and new to 3D Printing .
I do not (yet) have a printer, but am fascinated by the process, and the future development.
Looking for someone to reproduce the scrollwork on a Vintage Sewing machine Cabinet Door I have examples (doors with intact scrolls) available.
If you.can, or know of someone who could help me with this please let me know.
maxshaver@yahoo.com is my email.

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Snips slipper

by sahrchitect

Hi all and thank you to Drato for inviting me to join the group. I run a digital fabrication workshop within a university fashion and textiles department so I hope to both gain and contribute generously to this group.

This is something I designed a couple of weeks ago because I always see students and staff running around with unsheathed thread snips worn on a long string or ribbon and I feel like one day someone's going to lose an eye. These have been really popular in my area at uni since I started printing them. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2355698

Snips slipper
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