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need help with code

by TheWizard4444

I need some help with changing some gcode. I want to change it to make it heat the nozzle after auto leveling cause I have a buildtak like surface on my printer and the nozzle loves to burn through it when its leveling so if you have any clue on how to do it or a line of code I could copy then that would be amazing

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Level problems robo r1+

by Blezzer

I'm having a really bad problem with my bed calibration I need help or I need upgrade auto level

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Selling my R1+

by datnewsome

I figured that I should post this on here to see who would be interested before trying other sites.
As the title says, I want to try and my Robo R1+ to try and get a bit of cash. There is nothing wrong with the printer, in fact it still prints quite well even though it was not used over the summer.

The printer has everything that came with it besides the original feet (which can be easily fixed with a tpu print). I also upgraded it such that is has a LCD screen attached. On top of that, the other day the nozzle on the printer was replaced to a brand new brass nozzle. If purchased a brand new extruder as well as a steel nozzle would be included.

When I get the chance I will upload pictures of the printer if people are interested, as well as negotiate on the price. Hope to hear from someone and hope everyone has a good day.

Side Note: I am willing to ship the printer but ideally I would like to sell it to someone around the Pittsburgh area such that shipping could be avoided and it could be picked up or dropped off.

3d_printer RoBo_3D selling
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Layer issues

by mrhers2

Hi! I have an R1+ and my picture shows the problems I'm having. It's almost as if random layers are missing. I'm printing with Hatchbox 1.75 (does it with all the colors I currently have: grey, blue, white, red) at 200C, 0.3 layer height, speed of 60 across the board (perimeter, infill, etc.). I tried clearing out any jams in the extruder and it goes right back to doing this. Is this a temperature problem? Do I need to go higher or lower temps?

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Failing Bed Adhesion

by datnewsome

I know that this is a common problem on this form, but this is a special case.

Background Information: My printer is only about 2 months old and only has 70 hours on it. I use hairspray for bed adhesion. I use matter-control as my interface and I use the default settings. 95% of my prints are using "Medium" quality and they turn out great.

Problem: My problem is that no matter how much I adjust the settings or how much hairspray and glue I use, whenever my printer is set to "High" quality, around 12-15 minutes into the print some part of the print starts to come off of the bed. The weird part of this is that it doesn't matter if it is a big print or a small print, they will both fail.

Anyone have any ideas for this? Thank you all for your time.

(Sorry if this gets posted twice, it kept failing to post the topic)

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