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Printer acting weird

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For the past month or so my printer has been running fine. But a problem I had about 2 or 3 months ago started happening again. My Z axis on my ramps 1.4 AM8 started making a shaking/grinding noise and one side of the axis skips around a bit and lags behind the other stepper motor I have a video of it on youtube here


It will randomly get back to normal movement but then the Z axis is uneven.

I'm not sure if it means my stepper motor is dying or maybe the stepper driver but i'm not too sure what it means. any help would be great.

Check your connectors too. Maybe the contacts are going bad.

I experienced a similar sound/issue when I was setting up my RAMPS1.6 build of my AM8-MGN.

I found that my Z stepper motors were tuned to to low of a voltage, resulting in skipped steps, just like what you seem to be experiencing.

Try raising the stepper motor voltage.

Command your machine to raise the Z and adjust the pot for the stepper until the noise is gone.

Yeah thats one thing I figured, but mine was already at 1v so I had some more stepper drivers laying around and replaced my Z axis driver and will see how that goes.

The driver set at 1V may have been the cause...when steppers runs too hot they tend to skip steps. Even at correct current settings the Z steppers get pretty hot...I have cooling fans on mines to prevent problems during long prints...
Other issues can be bent Z screws, poor lubrication, bad rods alignment, bad linear bearings,bad motor/s, worn screws nuts,wrong acceleration/jerk...
If you didn't change printers parameters, it's probably lubrication or overheat...touch the motors after they run for a while...

Yeah I changed it to .7v after reading some stuff online, But it still did it. Messed around with cables and changed out the problem motor all together, and it seems to be working ok right now. I'll see if it breaks again

The first thing I would try is stripping and re-applying the lubricant on your Z screws and rods, and checking to make sure they can rotate easily by hand.
Since this will probably involve taking them out, you'll end up re-tightening the set screws on your couplers at the same time, which is another possible simple cause.