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OctoPi or OctcPrint?

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Which cephalopod do I need: Octcpi or Print?

I just today received my RPi3B+ and am somewhat patiently waiting for Raspbian to install. I only have one printer that I want to monitor.

Thanks for your advice.


as has already been mentioned, octopi is just a preconfigured version of octoprint. I originally had a raspbian setup that I manually installed octoprint into. I wouldn't recommend it. It was a pain and I was never sure that everything installed right.

A much better method is to flash the octopi image on to an sd card, then when you ssh into it, the welcome prompt will give you a script you can run that will download the desktop interface. That is the route I would choose now.

Be wary of doing things on the pi while printing though. Since it's not a real time operating system(RTOS), any interruption can cause the pi to delay on sending gcode to your printer. I have seen this cause imperfections and misprints.

You'd be better off just getting a second pi(maybe a pi zero W. they're $20 on amazon) and practicing python on there.

Done and using! I have a totally different card for when I'm using the desktop.

When OctoPi is printing I leave it alone and go play in Tinkercad (Fusion 360 & Blender scare me - too many options!).

Thanks for your help.

try Freecad. It's hard at first but you'll get the hang of it.

Clarifying: Octoprint is a build of stuff with all you need to control the printer from the device (there are images for x86 computers, for example, if you want to plug an old notebook on your printer.

OctoPI is a build of that stuff made specifically for raspberry pi devices

Thanks! I took the OctoPi route and am happily printing. I am now trying to figure out SSH (or PuTTY) to get a command to the camera to see if it's working, no love so far. Also can't install the cool monitor app because I seem to be a dunce at this SSH thing.

Oh, the joys of learning something new.


You'll want to download and flash the OctoPi v16 image to a microSD card for the 3B+, it's a custom distro that has OctoPrint pre-configured and ready to go, you'll only need to setup your printer's specific details to get going :)

Oh, thanks. Raspbian is still downloading updates...so as soon as that’s done!

You dont need to download Raspbian. Only Octoprint/Octopi as what CobaltGriffon stated
it is very easy I never worked with Raspberry before and got it working the first time

Oh, but I do - I'm using it to learn python, so I have a separate little card for that.

A separate card to learn python is good, but it will still be best to download and install Octopi for your printer. While you're at it, consider downloading Klipper and the Octoklipper plugin for Octoprint.

Thanks. I've a card for when I want to use the Raspbian desktop (it's so pretty) and one for OctoPi. I just last night found out about the plugins. Have to wait until the current job stops before I can load some.

I'm sure a dedicated OctoPi is in my future...for now I'll just play with the one.


Stock settings: Ultimaker. (Which everyone said would be very stringy)