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noob needs help!!!

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hello all, as the title suggests i am a noob to the raspberry pi. what i need help with is getting the camera to work with my raspberry pi running octoprint.

things i know: 1) it's a rpi 3b+ 2) i have the NoIR camera 3) it is hooked up correctly 4) it is powering on when the raspberry pi is on 5) it is supported and detected 6) octoprint version 1.3.10 and octopi version 0.15.1 7) Path to FFMPEG is valid

any help with this problem would be very much appreciated. please treat me like a child with this as i am not very tech savvy when it comes to this kind of thing, but i can follow instruction fairly well.

You say it is supported and detected. Where is it going wrong exactly? Do you have any log files that show errors?

Did you activate the Camera in sudo raspi-config --> Interface Settings!?


in Capture_2.PNG, snapshot URL, what happens when you click the Test button to the right?
Copy that URL and paste it into your browser, replace the with the IP Address of the Pi / Octoprint.
Does it work? If so, replace the in Octoprint with the IP address of itself.

Might be an HAProxy thing.

Maybe re-download the octoprint image?

good luck

the image is what happens when i hit the test button. when i try to put the url into my browser it just constantly tries to load. i am re-downloading octoprint now and will try a re-install once the prints i have going now finish.

Your stream URL should be "" try fixing that first.

You should then check that the camera works using something like raspistill to take a picture. First kill mjpg_streamer though
killall -9 mjpg_streamer
raspistill -o test.jpg

If you don't get a test image from raspistill then you will need to diagnose why the camera doesn't work.

If the camera seems fine, run mjpg_streamer manually at the console to see if you get any errors
mjpg_streamer -o output_http.so -w ./www -n -i input_raspicam.so -fps 10

Connect again in the browser and check whether there are any errors printed to the terminal by mjpg_streamer

I first had "web cams" that connected automatically when I plugged the in USB cables in and rebooted. Then I updated to genuine pi cameras and they were also automatically detected by octoprint/optopi. Logged onto your printer using octopi click "control" and you should see what the camera sees.

yea, way beyond that. if it were that simple i wouldn't of posted here. i know i said treat me like a child with this, but i know that much. when i go to the control tab in octoprint it just says webcam loading. sometimes i get the screen that says my url isn't correct. when i ssh into it through putty it does say that it is supported and detected.

What browser do you use, from your Capture_4 above I would asume IE11 ?

Did you try the things that I suggested in my comment above?

i fixed it!!!!! all i had to do was go buy a logitech c270 and plug it in. who knew getting a raspberry pi cam to work on a raspberry pi would be so hard.