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New to 3D, want RPi3B+ advice

by NaloMeliful

I currently use Ultimaker Cura (Beta) to print via USB on my new Anycubic i3 Mega. I’ve heard wondrous things about OctoPi and the RPi.

Am I correct in my understanding that the RPi is tethered via USB to the Printer but one can monitor from another device via the web or my home network?

If I purchase the RPI3B+ will I be able to download an STL and slice it on it? Or is the Pi strictly printer management?

Thanks for any enlightenment you can offer.

Peace, Nalo

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RPI3 b+ with 3.5" screen

by Alter3go

i recently purchased a 3.5" screen for my RPI 3.
I followed instruction to install the drivers, which seemed to worked as can see all the booting up texts.
I then followed the instructions to boot to browser with TUI

After the reboot and load, the screen stopped on a blank/black screen. moving the stylus on the screen, I can see the Octoprint log in screen behind the block around the mouse cursor.

the same when I stop the TUI and the Pi loads to the desktop. When I move the mouse with the stylus, I can see the wallpaper appear around the mouse cursor.

I have been searching, but cannot find an explanation for this.

anyone have experienced this before?


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problems with audio

by jbs

My audio stopped working a couple hours ago. I tried changing the audio settings in sudo raspi-config, but it still didn't work, what should I do?
note: I replaced the batteries in my wireless mouse around the same time, coincidence?

audio help Raspberry_Pi
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L298n motor driver with Blynk

by TheJadeRabbit

Hi, I could use some help with getting my project to work. What I want to do is control 2 DC motors with an L298n driver and a Raspberry Pi 3 from my phone via Blynk. I also want to control the motors with the joystick widget in the Blynk app. I got my Pi connected to my phone over wifi with Blynk, but I am having trouble getting the Python for the joystick to control the motors with the driver. If you could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

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noob needs help!!!

by benwa1869

hello all, as the title suggests i am a noob to the raspberry pi. what i need help with is getting the camera to work with my raspberry pi running octoprint.

things i know: 1) it's a rpi 3b+ 2) i have the NoIR camera 3) it is hooked up correctly 4) it is powering on when the raspberry pi is on 5) it is supported and detected 6) octoprint version 1.3.10 and octopi version 0.15.1 7) Path to FFMPEG is valid

any help with this problem would be very much appreciated. please treat me like a child with this as i am not very tech savvy when it comes to this kind of thing, but i can follow instruction fairly well.

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I'm looking for 3d modelling software that runs on a pi

by jbs

Never mind, got the hang of it. I love it now XD

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cura for lulzbot.

by jbs

how can i install cura for lulzbot on my pi? i see that it is available for debian: https://www.lulzbot.com/learn/tutorials/cura-lulzbot-edition-installation-debian

cura lulzbot Raspberry_Pi Raspberry_Pi_2 raspberry_pi_camera
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Problems with octoprint login.

by Elite0077

Here the problem in a nutshell I cann't login on my octo after I set it up or I had login once after a installing trying figure out why it not.

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