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Suggestions OctoPi enclosure + PSU + Relay board + Touch Screen

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I ve used a commercial box to house my Pi along with a Mains 230V/12V-5V power supply and 4 relay board which connects to the printer (lack) enclosure.

I now need to also add a touch screen (5inch ?) to the setup which means a new box is needed whch will accommodate all the above plus the screen. The ribbon cable connection of the screen to the Pi also posses a challenge!

I ve been searching for ideas in other people solutions in Thingiverse but it seems that most designs with a screen do not accommodate relays and PSU.

Has anyone got any recommendations ?

upgrade your ender3 printer to a real raspberry pi printer
by niujl
Print complete auto shut off module
by niujl

I am now posting a coupe of photos of my existing setup.

The Black box (!) on top of the printer enclosure hosts the Pi, a 4- relay module , a fan and a PSU.
Three illuminated switches on the front control printer power, printer lights and an enclosure fan extractor.
The box connects to the the printer enclosure with a cat5e cable (blue cable with aviation connector) which caries 12V,5V power, I2C lines for temperature monitoring.
A smoke detector is also connected to my house alarm system.

Adding a screen poses another challenge since some of the pins of the PIs expansion header are being used for switches relays etc.
I d have to figure out a way to connect both the screen as well as these pins.

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Looks like a cool set up as it is. You could just drill a hole through the top and print a mount for the ts with the cable going into the existing box through the top, something like this (the center part)

This is also really cool looking and may check some of the boxes:

Were you planning to use a t/s that connects with the flat cable? I was thinking of buying one of these for my printer, and it uses HDMI and USB so cable length would not be a problem (could be moved remote from the control box):

Squeeze Pi Enclosure
3D Printer Electronics Enclosure - Touch Screen, Mainboard, MOSFET, PSU, Raspberry, Fan.


I also thought of adding another box with the ts on the top but connection with the Pis header was an issue.

I didnt know about the option of an hdmi + usb screen you mentioned. Does it work well, especially if a usb webcam is also connected?

Anybody tried it?

Hmm the usb ports are only accessible from the outside of the box. ...that's also an issue...

I have not tried the one I linked, but I need to find something that I can use remotely (from the Pi) and so was looking at it. I think it may be harder to set up than some though, have read that it may require installing a t/s driver ( I will probably still try it but it may not be worth the trouble. I currently use the official Rpi 7" touchscreen on one printer which uses the ribbon cable, and it works great. You could probably move the Pi outside the box and mount it with the TS (like is done on the official 7" TS) but extend the i/o's back into the case. You can use something like this (or one of the many remixes)

And just run the I/O's down into the case from the T/s.

Raspberry Pi 7 Inch Touchscreen display case
by luc_e

If hdmi + usb screen works it would make things much easier. ...

I may be getting ahead of things with my enclosure build, but I ordered this one and will let you know how it works. I decided that 5" would be better for my setup:

Yes please let me know...

It works :)

But I have not tested it on the printer yet, or with a webcam. I doubt it will have any problems though, my official Rpi 7" seems to work OK with a webcam. I think it is a good idea either way to avoid using the touchscreen when printing though (not entirely, but just being careful). Below is a screencap from when I was bouncing though the menus on TouchUI (intentionally trying to spike the CPU).

That one appears to be a resistive touch screen, but the one I used is capacitive, like phone screens. If you have the choice, I'd get the capacitive which does not require pressure or a stylus to use.

I think it is this one:
elecrow 5 inch capacitive touchscreenösung-Schnittstelle-Raspberry/dp/B07JFHGQY7/

But it does say capacitive on the description :

"10.1 inch H 1024*600 capacitive touch screen LCD with case support Raspbian Ubuntu Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP "

Where did you see that its resistive?

Hi, I don't speak /read German, but I saw this on the one you linked:
"Resistive Berührungssteuerung"
Which makes me think it is resistive, also the stylus is a give away.

Because capacitive screens are more sought after, sellers will almost always make a point of saying it is "capacitive", and show pics of using a finger to operate the touchscreen. But with resistive screens, they may not even mention the technology used (which would probably mean it is resistive).

Doh! I just re-read your post - I thought you were referring to the first one you linked which was the 3.5" resistive screen at amazon. Do you have the link for the 10" screen? It does say "capacitive" so it should be just that. I am not sure on setup on anything other than the 5" screen I linked to, but I would check reviews. If anything (I suspect) it would be the t/s usb controller that may give you a headache on other models.

I think I see the 10.1" screen you referred to -

Reviews seem not very good for that one and because it has a separate control board I supsect it is older tech. I can't really suggest another one, but I had good luck with the Elecrow 5" and they have a 7" version which looks like a similar setup:

7" is plenty large enough for TouchUI, 5" seems like the minimum for being easily usable though.

I don't speak German either so I have amazon translate to English (lang choice at top of the page).
In the English translation the "Resistive Berührungssteuerung" doesn't show!

Hmm confusing!

HI, I think the link you posted originally was for a group of items which went to the 3.5" screen (i'm not a fan of the way amazon mixes groups of items up like that), but I think I saw the 10.1 screen in that group of items - see my post above - I think it is this one (but reviews are not great for it):

I will, and in the meantime I found this enclosure which is made for that 5" screen:

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Wow! Looks real good!
This would exceed my printers size however unless it can be split in two parts. I have an Anycubic Mega...

Yes of course I d post a remix... Not sure though if I can use step files with OpenScad which is what I am using...

I don't use OpenScad, but of the CAD/3D design programs I have tried (maybe a half dozen), the SETP files have worked. You can also try 123Design by Autodesk which can import STP. If you need it in a different format let me know and I can see if I can export it.

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Thanks, I use ViaCad 9 (it's like using a hedge trimmer to build a house :-), and it can export the STL's OK. But since I thought I'd just post the untested project for anyone that wants to remix it from it's current stage (which I think is probably ready to go), I posted it as STEP since that is easier to use for importing and editing. When I print it and test it, I will upload the final versions of the STL's.

doh, sorry I removed the post you replied to. Though I thought that it would not be suitable after seeing your current setup which uses as much smaller PSU than the control box I posted pics of (will add them again below). I will post it up as a work in progress today and you can use it or not, I will just put a disclaimer on it that is a WIP and not tested. If you check out my other post though, those may be a better bet since it would be quicker to make and would not require remixing something.

Posted the STP file here:

Raspberry Pi Printer Enclosure Control Box (WORK IN PROGRESS)

i added a touch screen to my octopi and it started to over heat probably to less ventilation and the fact that the CPU has to work a little harder to support the touch screen. You may want to consider adding a fan.

Thanks, already have a fan in the box!

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I ve just added pics just after my original post.

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This could be enlarged by depth rather easily and used.

Raspberry Pi Model 3 with 5 inch LCD

Sounds like a good time to learn 3D modeling. My recommendation is Fusion 360.

Thanks for tye recommendation. I use openscad for my 3d designs. .


I use OpenSCAD too. I started a design for the official touchscreen... with the intention if housing the screen, a pi, batteries, charger.

If you find something close enough and reasonably priced it's probably quicker and less painful to go with that. Especially if it is most likely a one off.

If the current box does the job well, maybe start with a simple case for the screen only and add that to the box.

Typically, I try to start with basic modules for the parts that will fit in the case and build in options to place screw holes, standoffs, openings etc. Using existing CAD files for the parts is also an option.

Then work on a simple case and use the part modules to place screw holes, cavities, etc.

Using Freecad or other can be helpful to move the parts around and work out how they could fit.

Yes, it is quicker to buy something ready made. If only something suitable can be found!

Have a look at my current box / setup. Pics after my original post.