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Useful Items to make for QIDI TECH

by kaznad

Originally posted by rcleav on 3dprintboard.com

Filament Alignment Bracket
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1223337 or http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1463485

Spool Adapters

Wingnut Covers
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:604579 or https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1340078

Filament Funnel

Corner Glass clips

Z-Axis Shim
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1394527 or https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1427953

Z-Axis Rod Brace

Double Extruder Fan Channel

Snap-on Fan Guard 40mm

Extruder cable support

FIlament and Cable Guide for extruders

Cable chain for Y axis motor

Flashforge Creator Pro - Filament Alignment Bracket
Qidi Tech Filament Alignment Bracket
Wingnut Covers for FlashForge creator pro
Snap-on wing-nut covers for FlashForge Creator Pro
by mzdxjx
Filament Funnel
by don3sch
FlashForge Creator Pro - Corner Glass clips
Qidi Tech Z-Axis Shim 5.5mm for Glass Bed - For 8mm Rods
Qidi Tech Z-Axis Shims for 1/8" and 1/4" Glass Bed - For 8mm Rods
Qidi Tech Z-Axis 8mm Rod Brace
Double Extruder Fan Channel
Snap-on Fan Guard 40mm
Flashforge Creator Pro - Extruder cable support
PTFE FIlament and Cable Guide for CTC / FlashForge / Duplicator / Replicator with threads
Cable chain for Replicator Dual Xmotor
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Qidi Tech Simplify 3D startup script

by KludgeGuru

In Simplify 3D when you select the Flashforge Creator Pro profile the default startup script creates a blob of plastic on the right side of the build platform. If you replace the starting scripts with these it will extrude a line of plastic along the front of the build platform to make sure the extruder is properly primed.

See this thread on 3dprintboard forum for the scripts.

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Which slicers can i use

by HJL33

I've just got my qidi tech 1 in the post and I've been really eager to set it up but my printer didn't come with the SD card so I was wondering if there were any other slicers I could use

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Noob needs help with old Qidi tech 1.

by michaelbeene

Hi, I have no clue what I am doing and I'm at my limit and need help.

To start I bought a Qidi tech 1 about 1-2 years ago and it was awesome now its a nightmare.
I am going on 2 weeks of research and I'm so lost I have 0% knowledge of 3d printing and every guide I read looks like rocket science( hope I am not the only one).
I am using printer firmware Sailfish V7.8 r01234 and the old software Makerware V2.4.0.14 that came with the SD card.
and I am in no way a smart person if something goes wrong I panic my 1st thought is always I spent $600 on this it has to work.

so here is where am at:

1, I emailed the Qidi support team about the Qidi printer not recognizing the Qidi software file output of .3MF File type. they told me to " Please import the 3mf file into the Qidi slicer software, then generate x3g file and print. " but I do not see an x3g output option.
2, Some prints I want to do require there be no support inside the object and for there to be support on the outside I have no clue how this is done.
3, Every time I want to print something I have to change the presets to the software if I forget the print will always fail and I get plastic spaghetti.
4, In my 1st few weeks the 3d printer was like a dream and was a lot of fun but then things started to go wrong when I needed to print something to a specific mm.the print was off by .20 mm to .35 mm I tried to compensate for this by sizing up the object in the Makerware slicer and it kind of worked 7 times out of 10.
5, The bottom of my prints are stringy I use rafts most of the time so I don't know why this is happening.

So far the very old outdated Makerware software seems to be my main problem here.
I toyed with the idea of replacing the brain to something new that supports better software but that is far from my comfort zone and was quickly scrapped + money is tight at the moment.
The main reason I got a 3d printer was to make things for my small Arduino projects and to make/fix things for the family and I wanted to make keychains and stuff for my parents business they are starting.

so in short what I'm asking is if anyone can help me with the above mainly the software side if you can dumb it down that would be awesome.
I hope I supplied enough info ill attach some photos to show what I am dealing with.

Thank you for your time.

clueless Help Makerware qidi Qidi tech 1 qiditech Qidi_Tech Sailfish
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Qidi Tec X-Pro

by ColinDD

Hi all,

I have recently bought the Qidi Tec X- pro dual extruder. I tried to set up an octopi for it but can't connect the pi to the printer, the octopi is updated, with the GPX plugin. I've tried all the Baudrate, and I'm still getting this error message
Unexpected error while connecting to serial port: AUTO IOError: 'GPX plugin not able to discover AUTO port and/or baudrate. Please choose specific values for them.' @ comm.py:_openSerial:2478 (hook GPX)

If anyone has an idea I'm all ear.

3d printer octopi Qidi_Tech
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