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Prusa I3 mainboard help

Prusa I3 mainboard ramps_14

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My Prusa I3 has cooked it's mainboard. I bought a new one and am at a loss to reprogram it with Ramps. So, I either need to buy ANOTHER board that is already programmed, or maybe someone here could program it for me? I know the details about it, version etc but not with me here right now.
Anyone have interest in helping with this for a fee? Thanks.

I looked but I didn't see anyone point you to https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software
and get your board connected with the windows drivers.. THEN...
http://marlinfw.org/meta/download/ for the latest copy of marlin software for the board it's self..

Or am I missing something,,,,

Thanks for that, I may go try it, seem to recall the problem I had was not able to communicate with the board.

You have to make sure your computer is on the same com port and baud rate the board is using. Also it won't connect if you have a slicer or other program open that is using that com port.

Can't you download the firmware from Prusa and flash the board via USB and Arduino software? It's easy to do and many videos on Youtube showing how.

that is exactly how I flashed mine. as I said I treated it like an Arduino mega

I did the exact same thing. I bought the same board and I found that the best thing to do is treat it like an Arduino mega in terms of uploading firm ware. Good luck.

Don't buy a RAMPS board, the connectors for power are piss weak and melt. I personally like the MKS gen 1.4. Had mine for three years running 300 watts no problem.

Why do you need it programmed though? Seems like the perfect opportunity to learn how these things work. Besides, Repetier has an awesome config tool.

I ran out of time and ability to program the board I have, and my brain is full at this point, so no more room for additional skills LOL. Really, I just want to buy a board and install it and go through the setup. Might sound lazy, but the printer sits while I have other work I have to get done, I already spent an afternoon trying to program the one I have and I gave up in frustration.
I think that is the type of board I bought, an MKS 1.4, as I said, I don't have access to it all right here now.

Only an afternoon? Maybe this hobby isn't for you.

The problem with pre-programming these boards is that not every printer is the same. Even if you were to mail me the board for programming there's no way I can verify the firmware against your printer because it's not with me here. Take a look at the config tool. That's about as easy as anyone can make it for you. You don't have to write your own firmware, just configure it right.

The problem I had was trying to upload the firmware to the board. This is not really a hobby making fun stuff, I use it for a lot of jobs, fixtures, proof of parts etc. I can't state this enough I guess, I don't want to learn to program this, I just want to buy a board to install and move on. If I have to, I will buy a whole new printer just for the board and toss the rest of the parts I don't need in the trash and keep the rest for spares.
This appeal here was my last ditch try at getting just the board working.

Instead of tossing the parts and keeping spares, consider selling the printer to someone who has more time than money.
Then buy a Directed Energy Deposition Printer or a Powder Bed Fusion Printer ... why you ask ... Lasers :)

OK.... Looks like I'm not going to get any realistic help here... I had hoped but no.
Not everyone here has the time or the ability to program this stuff. Ill just buy a new prusa copy chinese printer and keep the mainbord and the mechanical parts and put the rest in the trash. Should have done that four months ago i guess.

I was just agreeing with you and trying to add a bit of humour to the thread.

If you have a Prusa contact their support. They seem to be very good.
A new board is USD $119 plus shipping.
See crua9's post. ... and yes you need to be log on to see the parts.

Thanks, will probably do that, although a complete kit on eBay isn't much more at $150 or so, maybe the spares would be worth the extra $30

lot of works you say... Well, I don't have lot of work, but even if i'm a skilled engineer with some spare time, I don't want to get frustrated anymore tingling with my machine and I've choose to buy a well established machine with spare parts ready to be replaced in needs. 400€ and no more hassles...

You can't ask for help and have hurry. You can't expect to ask help and give us NO information, measures, type of switch, heaters, sensors, motors, extruder or any other stuff that belon to your machine. It's like asking help on how to repair you car without giving us the model of it, gas or diesel, etc...
It's not our fault for not giving you any help, but as @Phistterbut_Inc points, it's super simple to upload a firmware on the board, just download arduino IDE, the firmware from github, compile and upload. Eight yo childs do that all the time at school. But every machine is unique and should be fine tuned. Don't expect to buy a chineese clone for $150 and be ready to print flawlessly. At this pricepoint there's no way to help you. If all those works you have brings you moneys, just invest something to buy a reliable machine with support from the manufacturer, like the Original Prusa i3 MK2 or MK3. It worths the money it costs and the support is done right.

My msg wasn't meant to be rude, I just want to explain my point, based on your assertions.

@DGA I still would contact support. Sometimes they will work with you and help you out even if you're a little over on your 1 year warranty.

Anyways, if you're set on just getting a used system. It might be worth asking on Reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/prusa3d/
Most likely nothing will come from the reddit thing, but it's still worth a try. Just watch out because there is hardcore fanboys on their. Any negative thing they will downvote it to hide it.

As far as which would I pick (new or slightly used + a bunch of other parts). Assuming the price was pretty much the same and the board was good on the used. I think I would go with used. The filament sensor is about $15 alone, and those things go out like crazy.

I looked on eBay they have clones (example: RepRap, FlSun) in the $150 price range, do you know if the board is the same?

I don't know. But it sounds like DGA found an entire build kit for the MK3. They should be able to use that.

But I would be iffy on it anyways because of the price gap. But assuming they can confirm everything is legit and working. I would say buying a kit or entire printer is the way to go. However, I wouldn't doubt it's a clone for that price. And this is something I would avoid since you can cause a fire by going down that path.

Sometimes paying a bit more for support and knowing you get a quality part is worth it.
If I had to rely on a 3D printer for a business I would have at least two, as there is way too much stress when something you need for a business is down.

3D printers seem to be an ongoing learning experience.
This week it was all about:

  • jams
  • heat block distances,
  • filament in the dry box, not dry
  • drying out said filament
  • Going to a .6 nozzles
  • Slic3r tuning
  • MKS3s upgrade
  • and Lazers :)

Or don't get piss when people don't give you the help you want. Just do the basics and buy directly from the company.

You might need to be logged in to see the parts.

You're epitomizing the term 'first world problems'.

If you can't be bothered to look for a tutorial or install a driver, select the right port and upload, I can't be bothered to help you.

Dude, just quit being a jerk

@DGA sorry I can't help you here man. This time the forums seemed to have failed you. Hope you get the problem resolved!

I'd better get a new computer, this one has text on it that doesn't agree with me.

Comments deleted.

Just contact Prusa themselves. They might be able to help