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Extruder Clicking

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I am using a 1mm nozzle on my mk3 (volcano hotend mod), and the extruder is making the clicking that it makes upon starting the purge line (rapidly extruding filament) in the middle of prints. This happens even without filament loaded (i did this to double check that it was not the extruder skipping steps. It seems to be happening on unretractions, and when rapidly changing direction on the solid info. other than the noise, the print works fine. how could I remedy this?

Assuming its the extruder try the process of elimination. Example: Remove the bondtech gears. If you have a magnet and a thing showing the extruder turn, remove it.

You may want to write some gcode that moves only the extruder motor.

Good advice, that will help finding the source of the problem.
"You may want to write some gcode that moves only the extruder motor."
Note that with Prusa printers, you can move the extruder by going to Settings > Move axis > Extruder

Thanks. I did not know that. I just watched a video on calibrating the extruder, there was a whole bunch more I did not know. It has been a good day. :)

"This happens even without filament loaded" - That's an important points that people seems to have ignored so far... Assuming you have bond tech, do you have bits of filament stuck in the extruder gears? Are there any damaged tooth?

It could be a few things, too little current to the motor, too much current or not a high enough temp.

I am using prusa pla with prusa presets, so i don't believe temp is the issue
how would I change the extruder current?

I think that's a setting in firmware on that board. Is it a 3 or a 1.75 mm machine?

Would I have to change something on the physical board or in the firmware

I can't be entirely sure because I don't own one. Maybe there's something in the manual about it. You should feel the drivers and the motor while it's happening and see if they're too hot. Too hot would be an immediate scalding from the driver's heatsink if there is one.

I think we may have had a miscommunication. The gears are not skipping, but the extruder's acceleration on unretractions seems to be too much.

Turn down the retraction speed then I suppose.