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Printing with flexible filament (Prusa i3 Hephestos)

by MissGentleman

I'm trying to print using a soft and flexible filament (elastomer), I have solved the problem of the filament getting between the extruder wheels by building a constrainer. But when I try to load the filament, I can feel the two wheels pinching the filament just at the beginning (and some material coming out from the extruder), but after 3 seconds the filament is not moving even if the wheels are moving. About the wheels, there is one moved by a motor with a veining on its side to grab the filament, and one with a smooth surface moved by the movement of the filament itself.
I suspect that when it comes to push the filament in the extruder's nozzle, the wheels have not enough friction on the filament, so it is just sliding on them without moving. I have tried also with different pressures between the wheels (being a soft filament, no high pressure is needed) but nothing changed.
Do you think it is a matter of friction as I suspect or it can be something else?

Thank you! :)

direct_drive_extruder flexible_filament prusa_i3_hephestos
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Prusa I3 mainboard help

by DGA

My Prusa I3 has cooked it's mainboard. I bought a new one and am at a loss to reprogram it with Ramps. So, I either need to buy ANOTHER board that is already programmed, or maybe someone here could program it for me? I know the details about it, version etc but not with me here right now.
Anyone have interest in helping with this for a fee? Thanks.

Prusa I3 mainboard ramps_14
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RRG Prusa I3 Starting Prints off bed

by Zerethon

Title, This bloody thing has been a thorn in my side for around a year now, Completely stock RepRapGuru Prusa I3 aside from a spool holder i printed to set the spool off the acrylic frame

It's on marlin V1.1.6 (Included FW)

No matter where the limits/origin/etc are set, when you run a print (Specifically from SD, i've seen there may be a bug in marlin that'll melt the 12v green ramps connection if you go over USB instead) it ALWAYS goes to the front left corner off the bed and then starts the print there, causing it to just pour plastic over the edge of the bed.

Base settings they give in the "Config guide" did it, adjusting things off some googling still did it, it's a 200x200 bed with the origin at 100x100

It's leveled perfect, it homes where you'd expect, it just absolutely fails to actually start at the center of the deck no matter what i do

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Extruder Clicking

by aclerkmaker

I am using a 1mm nozzle on my mk3 (volcano hotend mod), and the extruder is making the clicking that it makes upon starting the purge line (rapidly extruding filament) in the middle of prints. This happens even without filament loaded (i did this to double check that it was not the extruder skipping steps. It seems to be happening on unretractions, and when rapidly changing direction on the solid info. other than the noise, the print works fine. how could I remedy this?

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Connecting a GTM 32 PRO Control Board on the Geeetech M201

by Bluecrab347

I've purchased the Geeetech Prusa i3 M201 Dual Extruder printer kit, and have assembled it by watching the 31 YouTube videos and working out for myself what they aren't showing well. However, I was surprised to discover that there are no connection instructions for my GTM 32 PRO control board, and that the videos are for another board entirely. Moreover, it seems that the orientation with which I have installed my board won't suit the lengths of the already-loomed Y, Y & Z-stop switch cables. Does anyone have any updated instructions or experience of installing this board and, ideally, a connection diagram? I've seen this image online, and that helps.

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