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Problem LCD FYSETC mini 12864 RGB backlight white 2.1 Type B

by Angels3D

Hi I have just termineted a home made Prusa and I have problems with the display.
Like i say it works half only the rgb lights and i cant see nothing. on screen.
I tried a lot my be some know something more.
My config is Ramps 1.4 with ramps lcd adaptor (im not sure if are well connected)
Arduino mega and mini LCD Fysec MINI12864 like i said. In Marlin 2.0.4
This is my extracted config. and config.adv.

#define FYSETC_MINI_12864_PANEL
#define FYSETC_MINI_12864_2_1 
#define RGB_LED


define RGB_LED_R_PIN 25 //25

define RGB_LED_G_PIN 2 //27

define RGB_LED_B_PIN 2 //29

define RGB_LED_W_PIN -1


// Support for Adafruit Neopixel LED driver



define NEOPIXEL_TYPE NEO_RGB // NEO_GRBW / NEO_GRB - four/three channel driver type (defined in Adafruit_NeoPixel.h)

define NEOPIXEL_PIN 25 //25 / LED driving pin on motherboard 4 => D4 (EXP2-5 on Printrboard) / 30 => PC7 (EXP3-13 on Rumba)

define NEOPIXEL_PIXELS 3 // NO 30 O 3 Number of LEDs in the strip, larger of 2 strips if 2 neopixel strips are used


define NEOPIXEL_IS_SEQUENTIAL // Sequential display for temperature change - LED by LED. Disable to change all LEDs at once.

define NEOPIXEL_BRIGHTNESS 127 // Initial brightness (0-255)

define NEOPIXEL_STARTUP_TEST // Cycle through colors at startup

// Use a single Neopixel LED for static (background) lighting
//#define NEOPIXEL_BKGD_LED_INDEX 0 // Index of the LED to use

define NEOPIXEL_BKGD_COLOR { 255, 255, 255, 255 } // R, G, B, W


* advanced***



#define LED_COLOR_PRESETS             // Enable the Preset Color menu option
  #define LED_USER_PRESET_RED        255  // User defined RED value
  #define LED_USER_PRESET_GREEN     0  // User defined GREEN value
  #define LED_USER_PRESET_BLUE      0  // User defined BLUE value
  #define LED_USER_PRESET_WHITE      255  // User defined WHITE value
  #define LED_USER_PRESET_BRIGHTNESS 255  // User defined intensity TEXTO
  #define LED_USER_PRESET_STARTUP       // Have the printer display the user preset color on startup


Thats all THK for any help.

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Y-axis end replacement mod - item removed?

by deredio

There was an item here on thingiverse that was a mod fro the Prusa i3 mk2: basically it completely replaced the ends of the y-axis rods with one solid piece at each end, so that the distance between the rods would always be exact, help the axes be perfectly square, etc. However I can't seem to find it anymore. Was it deleted or removed by the designer or something?

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by GremFreng_i4

I built the kit and i have made sure that everything is straight, i am not sure why it is not calibrating, does anyone know where i can find a video or some sort of guide on how to calibrate it, thanks!

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