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Upgrades for the Mk3?

by ghstgry

I've recently had to replace the PSU (died) with a Meanwell and because I print a lot of miniatures, I've upgraded to a 0.25mm nozzle and put an E3D silicone sock on the heat block. I'm curious what other upgrades I can/should make to the machine to make it print better, faster, stronger.

I have the MMU in a box sitting behind me, but I'm intimidated by all that's involved in building it. :) It'll happen eventually, but it's waiting for now. I also have a Noctua 40mm fan waiting to be installed as well, but I'm not sure whether it's worth the effort; the printer is pretty quiet as is.

I'm mostly interested in increasing cooling so I can print faster and the blower fan on the front is quite loud. Does anyone know of a Meanwell upgrade where I can slap a quiet 100mm fan on it to maybe keep the internal fan from having to kick in every 20-30 seconds?

Oh, lastly. I printed a PSU support/case/thingie for the Meanwell, but it really didn't fit the cabling well. Is there a suggested one I should use, given the very tight tolerances that the stock cables allow?

Thanks for any suggestions!

3D_printer_upgrades prusa_i3_mk3
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USB extension cable recommendations

by thomps38

I'm on the hunt for a long (10 ft or 3 meters) extension cable for my Prusa i3. I've already tried one set, but both were faulty, refusing to connect after a few prints or causing a communication fault between my computer and the printer. I was wondering if anybody else had tried this and had a cable they could recomend for me to use. Its so frustrating spending money on cables that don't work. (getting refunds, but still waste of time and filament from failed prints!)
Yes, I can print using the card, but its a pain to get in and out. Plus, I prefer having the ability to monitor and fine tune my print from my computer.

This is the cable I purchased before. After the first one failed, Amazon sent a replacement and then it failed too! Neither one lasted more than a week. Both started out great, but then I got signal losses and communication errors in the middle of long 4+ hour prints. Eventually, they stop working at all.

usb_cable usb_extension
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GT2560 Rev. A+ Mainboard

by Horror_18_m

Hi Folks, i've made a mistake as i messured the voltage at Fan port 3. As the tip touched the + and - pins i had a short circuit. Now the Q4 is burned. Could someone tell me what type it is or maybe take a photo for me? Please see the picture.

many thanks


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Anet A8 print qauality

by joeridewinter

Hello all

I bought the anet a8 a while ago. it took me a long time to get him to work, but I'm not completely satisfied with the quality he is printing. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for the printer itself or for the settings in cura.

thank you in advance,

Joeri de Winter

Anet_A8 settings
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Near constant Issues with Homing fault + E Heating fault.

by DarkShadowX5

These problems happen randomly sometimes back to back or consecutively the same one. sometimes i can manage a print.

Heating Fault: I've replaced my nozzle and heater core. thermistor reads as it should but my only replacements are the kind that fried my old board by breaking.
Edit: Got heating fault on video, https://youtu.be/1KTiSp_bfy8

Homing fault: The switches tested and work fine, no motor noise, it just Homes X/Y doesn't try Homing Z at all and faults.

Any experience with either issue and fixing it? besides a baseball bat?...

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