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I have not used my 3d printer for along time and was surprised to see that Printrbot went out of business. I went to print something today and had trouble having Cura connect to the printer, but was able to get Repetier to connect so I know it is not the cable. I am not familiar with Repetier and would prefer to use Cura. I remember there was a configuration file I loaded when I first bought the printer. Is this available anywhere on the web? Any help in trouble shooting this would be greatly appreciated.

I've found lots of bugs with original Marlin provided by Print it and highly suggest jumping to Marlin 2.0 or 1.9.

I have a config that includes MINIPANEL aftermarket panel that you could start with:


If you disable MINIPANEL you would regain enough program memory to enable things like ABL or UBM.

Hi, I hope you are well. The only complementary file that was required to use CURA was the one that I attach now, I hope it will be useful. In my case I use the host "MatterControl 1.75 (avoid version 2 is terrible)", I think a good tool with a good interface, Repetier personally is not useful. If you need any additional Printrbot file, please tell me, maybe I have it among my files

Hey SeudoDesign, Thanks again for the file. You wouldn't happen to have the set-up instructions that came with the Simple Metal. I remember loading the file you supplied into Cura but can't remember how. I have the printer being recognized by Cura now but I am trying to calibrate the Z axis and it will not accept my M212 Z settings. Actually it accepts them but the head doesn't move towards the bed when I put in any Z-0.2 setting. I know I loaded the file you gave me somewhere in the set-up but can't remember how. Thanks for your help! Buzzie

Hi hello, I think it's a bit unusual what happens with the printer, but I think this video can be useful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPGpEPR6Xxc. Anyway I'm reviewing how my printer works with Cura, although as I said a few days ago I would recommend using MatterControl host

Hi Seudo, Sorry to be a pain. I just replaced the sensor and now when I try to take the Y axis into the home position the motor grinds and I need to pull the plug. I am not sure why the sensor would create any problems the Y axis. I added a new Printrbot simple metal profile top cura and started over. Still had the Y move back and hit the back and go as far as it could go then the motor hums. I am about to go and buy a new 3D printer on Amazon but thought I would give it one last try. The Y axis when I look at the settings on an M501 is Y0.00. Any ideas?

Hello, there is no problem for the questions you ask, here we are to help us. I had a similar problem on the Y axis, if it is the same case it is a simple and small one of the "end stop" (especially of the dimensions between elements). If my hypothesis is correct, try to bend the end of the blade a little bit to bring it closer to the section with which you will make contact when you reach the displacement limit. Or stick a piece of some plastic to the section with which the "end stop" makes contact as I did. I hope to have been clear because my native language is not English

Thanks Seudo, It was the little switch exactly as you mentioned. Thanks for all you help. I was able to get four prints off this weekend with no problem after replacing the sensor and troubleshooting this problem!

Thanks Seudo, after a bunch of troubleshooting (and watching the video link you recommended) , I am convinced that I have bad sensor. I will let you know. Thanks for your help.

Thanks! I will hope your downloads rescue me!

What version of Cura do you have? I think you would need Cura 15.x.x to use it with the Printrbot. The newest CURA version 2.x and 3.x don't do USB printing.

You should probably use Repetier-Host going forward. It's going to take a couple hours to get used to it but I think it will be way better for you. I'm still using CURA 15.04.4 but I have gotten Repetier-host to work and I like it better. I just haven't gotten all my filament types defined for it yet.

Thanks Olendorf, I am using Cura 15.04. bit I cannot get it to recognize my printer. I downloaded file from above, but might have to learn Repetier if it doesn't work.

You may have a repetier-server process running. That will tie up your printrbot port. You have to end the repetier-sever first then retry cura.