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Magnetic Pad

by fnat

I can't calibrate my z axis for my new pad do you have any guide about it? The youtube video is not clear...do you have step command to follow?


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Need Setup Help

by Holdstock

I am a mentor for a FIRST Robotics Club. Somebody donated a Printrbot Simple Metal rev F4 printer to the group and I was given the task to try and revive it and get it running. I am new to 3D printing and it has taken a significant amount of effort for me to try and find bits and pieces of information scattered across the web on how to setup the printer and try to get it running. I have not yet been successful. My current problem is that I can't get my computer (Windows 10 pc) to recognize that the printer exists when I plug it in. I don't know if the problem is on the PC side or the printer side.

Here is what I do know and have done:

  • The green light on the board is on so I know it is getting power (good sign)
  • The red light comes on the Z-axis sensor when I move it manually close to the bed (good sign)
  • The fan on the extruder does not come on which some sites have said should happen when the printer is powered on (bad sign)
  • I have installed Cura 15.04.6
  • When I tried to install the serial driver it says "Windows 10 USB Device driver is present. No installation is necessary."
  • I downloaded the "Microsoft Printrbot Metal Simple Printer Driver version", but when I go to the Device Manager to update the drivers I cant find the printrbot device.
  • I have tried multiple USB cords to see if I had a bad one

I'm not sure where to go from here and would appreciate any help.

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Printrbot Parts and Discord

by pmally

If you need parts for your Printrbot we have some replacement items in stock. Even have extruder spring replacements. www.vectormfg.net

Join our discord server https://discord.gg/GUtfgYj

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Original Download Software For Printrbot Simple

by Buzzie8

I have not used my 3d printer for along time and was surprised to see that Printrbot went out of business. I went to print something today and had trouble having Cura connect to the printer, but was able to get Repetier to connect so I know it is not the cable. I am not familiar with Repetier and would prefer to use Cura. I remember there was a configuration file I loaded when I first bought the printer. Is this available anywhere on the web? Any help in trouble shooting this would be greatly appreciated.

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Extruder Broke Mid Print

by Nettle15

Hello! Looking for some troubleshooting advice. Mid-print, my Printrbot Simple Metal stopped extruding. The motor just goes back and forth one click. It's NOT jammed filament, I've removed the filament completely and it still does this little back-and-forth ticking. I have

  • Replaced the stepper motor, no change
  • Flashed the firmware with two different hex files, no change
  • Replaced the atx power supply (went from 550W to 450W, 12V output), no change
  • Used different printing software, no change
  • Disassembled the tension pin completely, no change

I'm not sure where to look next, any ideas?

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Probe Sensor Question

by SeudoDesign

Hello, my "z" proximity sensor broke and I mistakenly replaced it with an NPN sensor, with which I noticed that the operation was not adequate. I have 2 questions: 1 Can I change this NPN sensor with software to behave like a PNP? if it is not possible, what do you recommend buying, a normally open PNP or a normally closed PNP? I am not an engineer or technician, just a hobbyist, I appreciate your understanding

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Major clogging Issues.

by blackwaltz3

I got a Printbot Simple Metal about a week ago. I know the company is dead, as are most of the links to manuals. The only issue seems to be it clogs all the time. I had feed issues but found out that was because of the upper extruder clogs. I have tried 3DMars and Hatchbox PLA, the tip temperature started at 190-210, print speed 30-60. The ranges are the lowest I have used and the highest. I haven't had much luck printing at 60. Feed is set to 100%. I know this thing can print, I completed 3 prints. However now no matter what I do I can't get it to stop clogging. The surface is a heated extended metal bed. Other than the above I do not know much else about software on it. Other issues seem to be, the print will accept and save M212 for setting Z height for fine-tuning, then just not do anything about it. So I adjusted the sensor with wrenches until it was good enough.

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Prints not centered on bed

by schmots

When ever I do a G29 either by hand or in my start gcode the printer seems to think center of the bed is 10-20mms to the right and about half that back. Anyone else have this issue?

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