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Hadron printer not working

by infinniti

hi there, i bought a Hadron 3d printer about 3months ago. haven't printer a thing yet. at first i couldn't get it to work with any programs. then i came home one day and the power was off. when i turned it back on i tried to use the printer but the power supply wouldn't work. i got a new power supply but the board won't light up. so i got a new board. when i hook up the new board to the new power supply neither come on, but when i hook up the old board the power supply comes on but the board won't. now i have 2 boards and 2 power supply but none work. VERY FRUSTRATED.

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Tell us about your Ordbot Hadron.

by madmike8

What upgrades or Mods have you done. What Firmware. What Control Board. What Software tool chain are you using.

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by MustangDave

I'm just wondering if anyone knows the size of the v-wheels on the Ord Bot? I know the size of the bearings, I would like to buy some v-wheel pulleys that are metal instead of plastic?

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Post your 3d prints here!

by MustangDave

If anyone wants to show off their 3d prints using the Ord Bot Hadron, please do so here:)

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Speeds and Acceleration control in slic3r

by bugr

Ord Bot Hadron - ramps1.4 marlin - Bulldog XL - E3dv6(shimmed) - Slic3r - pronterface
The hadron seems quite happy printing large perimeters at 70-80 (small 30%), infill and support at 50-60 for easy objects w/ multiplier up 150%
But more complex objects w/ small support structures or perimeters<3mm 40,40 & multiplier 70-30% still needed for the complex section - which is ruining overall time if i dont watch it and change the overall speed continually.
(really annoying on a 12hr print that was meant shorter - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:644370 - Skull only - jaw/skeletal hinge and start of internal faces was problematic).
I think acceleration control may help w/ this, or XYjerk, or....???.

so how do your Hadrons deal w/ speed for a mixed complexity object 0.1 layer height?

What general speed settings do you use(Slic3r)?

What 'cooling - slow down if layer print time below' settings?(pronterface doesnt seem to have the same layer calcs as slic3r)

What acceleration control settings?

Firmware settings if changed(marlin)- acceleration/XYjerk?<<probably what i need.

Other suggestions>

Skeleton (Snaps together and moveable)
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