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Upgrade to 2019?

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With the latest OpenSCAD release being "official" when will Thingiverse Customizer update to the latest version?

I'm particularly looking to see support for using $preview to set $fn

why not save yourself a Customizer related headache and just download OpenSCAD.

I use OpenSCAD; I love OpenSCAD. I want non-users of OpenSCAD on this site to be able to customize the things I publish.

I share your sentiment but have my doubts that Thingiverse will ever get their shit together enough to have anything working for more than five minutes.

I don't think you're wrong. :'-(

Are you volunteering to regression test 10,000 customizer models? :)

Oh crap, well let’s just never upgrade, ever, if it might cause a broken model out there.

Seriously though, I’ll regression test mine. The language updates (for 4 YEARS) have been to my knowledge all backward compatible so breakage should be minimal to non-existent. Assertions and the type testing functions would allow contributors who know what they’re doing actually protect their modules from some of Customizer’s oddities. Which would enable a better user experience for users of Customizer.

In general “upgrade fear” should not be a cause for denial. If there were known breaking changes, then I could see adding some sort of selector, either a different tag on publication or a comment in the scad, that would allow thing publishers to opt-in to the newer version.

Didn't the optimal direction of polyhedron faces reverse?

It would be nice to just have let statements. I've got SCAD files that aren't public partly because it would be hard to convert to an early version.

Supporting new and old customizers seems reasonable. New files can default to the new code and old files will continue to use the legacy customizer.