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OpenSCAD 2019.05 has just been released

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As Marius already wrote a nice summary for the mailing list, I'm just shamelessly reposting that... so here we go...

OpenSCAD 2019.05 has just been released: http://www.openscad.org/news.html#20190518

This release adds a number of features which have been in development for the last 4 years. Some of the larger program features are Customizer, which was first started as a Google Summer of Code project, and 3D input device support. The OpenSCAD language itself and standard library has seen a number of iterative improvements

The source code, as well as binaries for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux are ready for download.

As usual, thanks go to everyone who has contributed to this release through development and community management, bug reports and fixes, documentation, translation, discussions, as well as testing the development snapshots!

A summary of changes since last release follows.

Take care,


Language Features:

  • New modules
    • assert() - stop script evaluation on failed constraints
    • let() - scoped assignment
  • New functions
    • ord() - convert from character to Unicode code point
    • echo()
    • assert() - stop script evaluation on failed constraints
    • Type testing functions: is_undef(), is_list(), is_num(), is_bool(), is_string()
  • New special variable: $preview variable which is set to true in preview mode
  • List comprehension updates
    • Added if/else condition
    • Added each keyword
    • Added C-style for loop
    • Now allows looping over characters of a string
  • rotate_extrude(): Added angle parameter to
  • import() now supports SVG, 3MF and AMF
  • color() now supports hex color codes
  • Removed glide() and subdiv() which were never implemented

Program Features:

  • Customizer: Allow parametrizing design parameters with GUI customization
  • Support for using 3D-Mouse / Joystick / Gamepad input devices for controlling the 3D view
  • 3D Printing support: Purchase from a print service partner or print to Octoprint
  • New export file formats: SVG, 3MF, AMF
  • Quick-edit and preview of values using Alt-Arrows (Shift-Alt-Arrows on macOS)
  • Added --view cmd-line parameter
  • Play sound notification on render complete
  • Line numbers and filenames are now shown for many errors and warnings
  • Hardwarning preference: Stop on first warning
  • Hardwarning and assert now shows a stack trace
  • New warnings
    • Module call parameterns don't match module declaration
    • Argument value of of range
    • Duplicate passed argument
    • Children passed to module not accepting children
    • Reference to inknown $special_variables
    • Duplicate assigment
  • New translations: Ukrainian, Polish

Thanks for sharing.
I am going to try it.
There would be problem to keep the previous version installed or it is necesarily to completly uninstalled?

On Windows I assume? You can just use the ZIP archive and extract that somewhere for now.

It is working perfectly.

now playing with it.


Yay! Love it! :-)
Looking forward to try it!

Thanks for sharing!

Now that they're done with the .amf compatibility things, hopefully they can get to the features people have been screaming for for 9 years.

What about AMF? I doubt any more work will be put into that. For me it's pretty much dead. Long live 3MF I suppose.

Just curious, screaming for what features specfically?

Linear extrusion along an arbitrary path with arbitrary scaling.

Passing functions as parameters.

Methods to get numerics from shapes without the export-import dance.

Ahh, rright, so just a couple of easy things everyone could just implement in a weekend. I wonder why nobody did that yet.

The first one is easily possible and so close to working already. Anyone who uses OpenSCAD long enough ends up rolling their own version already. All that's left is importing the feature into openscad itself, so we can call loft_extrude() circle(); instead of struggling along with loft_extrude() painfully_hand_generated_vertex_array;

As is, we're reproducing by hand things which OpenSCAD already has as built-ins because the built-ins can't produce an array of vertexes.

This 99% is where this feature has sat, for years and years and years.

This is great news, thanks for sharing!

Now to try .svg import!

Excellent! Now I shouldn't have to switch back and forth between a development version and the last, very old version when someone's customizer stuff doesn't work.
(I'm not griping, just genuinely excited about the release!)

"Support for using 3D-Mouse / Joystick / Gamepad input devices for controlling the 3D view"

Does anyone know how to enable this? I see the same behavior with my 3DConnexion mouse... zoom in/out are the only functions which work.

Nevermind... found it. edit->preferences->HID API

and you have to restart openscad.

Great work and many thanks to all of the OpenSCAD Development Team and the countless contributor to the project.

If you have benefited from OpenSCAD (which drives Thingiverse Customizer) consider making a donation to the OpenSCAD project at http://www.openscad.org/.

A few questions for the OpenSCAD Team:

  1. Will there be updates coming soon to the OpenSCAD CheatSheet at http://www.openscad.org/cheatsheet/index.html ?

  2. Any idea on when Thingiverse will support all of the new features included in the 2019.05 OpenSCAD release?

Creality3D Ender 3 Thingiverse group
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I'm hoping it has the ability to configure where the cheatsheet is, as I use OpenSCAD offline at times and still want the cheatsheet. I'd love to be able to override the hardwired default URL to point a copy of the cheatsheet on my local machine. Or, try the URL for the latest and of no connection just show the local cheatsheet, even if it's not up to date.

  1. Oh, oops, good point about the cheatsheet, will be fixed soonish. Meanwhile the new version is still at http://www.openscad.org/cheatsheet/snapshot.html
  2. I don't have any answer to that question, maybe someone from the Thingiverse team is reading along?

Thanks for the link to the new cheat sheet Torsten.

Let's hope there is a Thingiverse team member watching that can respond and hopefully action it.

Something else I've noticed that is not right are the links (upper left) of OpenSCAD's Documentation page don't work.
Is that is something that I should report as an Issue on the github page?

Creality3D Ender 3 Thingiverse group
Having problems with your Ender3? See Ender 3 Troubleshooting
For the latest deals visit Creality 3D Printers and Accessory Deals
Visit Gearbest for a huge selection of affordable products and components for the Maker.

Cheat sheet is now updated and got some minor improvements on the way like a list of file formats for import() and surface() and some details on how to use color() with hex codes.

The shortcut links not working is a known issue with Chrome. Tips on how to fix that are welcome, there seem to be some issues in the page which make Chrome angry but there's nothing in the error console unfortunately.

Excellent! While the dev snapshots have been very stable, going 4 years between "official" releases does not look good. Hopefully they'll do better...