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Customizer Update

by tbuser

Customizer now runs the new version of OpenSCAD 2015.03

Also, all the google fonts from http://www.google.com/fonts have been added to the servers and can be used in text() :)

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by atartanian

OpenSCAD is an open source programming language and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for parametric 3D design. It is used to create precise, customizable and easily modifiable designs ready for 3D printing. It has a growing developer community and is the tool used to create designs compatible with the MakerBot Customizer app: http://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer

You can download OpenSCAD from www.openscad.org/downloads.html

This group is a place to discuss all things OpenSCAD including (but not limited to) new features, techniques, questions, libraries, works in progress, etc. So post a new Topic or contribute on an existing one!

Share knowledge, get constructive feedback, and ask questions!

Join to add your OpenSCAD designs or libraries to this group's Things. Non-OpenSCAD designs will be removed.

Have fun!

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OpenSCAD 2015.03 is out!

by atartanian

WOOT! now we can put comic sans on everything ;D

get it here: http://www.openscad.org/downloads.html

If you make any scripts that use features from the new version, add links to them in this post!

Summary of changes

Language Features

  • Added text() module for 2D text
  • Added offset() module for 2D offsets
  • Added list comprehensions and let()
  • Added concat() function
  • Added chr() function
  • surface() can now take PNG images as input
  • min() and max() can now take a vector argument
  • 2D minkowski can now handle polygons with holes
  • Variables can now be assigned in local blocks without using assign()

Program Features

  • Added Toolbar icons
  • New code editor based on QScintilla
  • Added Splash screen
  • Added SVG export
  • Added AMF export
  • Added --viewall and --autocenter cmd-line parameters
  • GUI is now translated into German, Czech, Spanish, French and Russian
  • MDI (Multiple Document Interface) is now available on all platforms
  • Color schemes for viewer and editor can be user-edited using JSON files
  • GUI components are now dockable
  • Added Tickmarks on axes


  • Performance improvement: 2D (clipper), preview, hull, minkowski, surface
  • Performance improvement: Reduce duplicate evaluation of identical expressions
  • Better recursion behavior
  • STL export and import is now more robust
  • Internal cavities are better supported
  • New examples
  • Windows cmd-line behaves better
  • Better mirror() and scale() behavior when using negative factors


  • polyhedron() now takes a faces= argument rather than triangles=
  • assign() is no longer needed. Local variables can be created in any scope
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can no longer use imported stl files - sort of.

by curiousaardvark

I can import an stl file, render it and export it.
Which, by itself, is completely useless.

As soon as i apply a difference operation to the imported stl, it refuses to render.
I can get an f5 preview but as soon as i try and get an f6 render, the stl vanishes and I get this message:

ERROR: CGAL error in CGAL_Nef_polyhedron3(): CGAL ERROR: assertion violation! Expr: pe_prev->is_border() || !internal::Plane_constructor::get_plane(pe_prev->facet(),pe_prev->facet()->plane()).is_degenerate() File: /opt/mxe/usr/i686-w64-mingw32.static/include/CGAL/Nef_3/polyhedron_3_to_nef_3.h Line: 251

I used to be able difference imported stls.
I usually run the latest development version of openscad.
Thought that might be it, but having downgraded to the 2015 current recommended version. I get exactly the same thing.,

The complexity of the imported stl doesn't seem to make any difference.

Anybody got any ideas ? It's really bloody annoying.
The idea of learning a wysiwig cad program fills me with dread, but this is bloody ridiculous.

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Customizer not working for me

by matrois

I use thingiverse for some time but now I realized this app "Customizer". I could imagine that it would be really great to have things / designs which could be customized. So I tried to open a thing in Customizer, but it do not work. I get the message "Oh No! There was a problem communicating with Thingiverse. It is also possible that you are using Safari, if so click the Safari Fix button then reload this page."

I try Customizer on Windows 10 with Chrome.
I allready have googled around but only found some really old posts which seems to be solved long time ago. I also tried an other browser (InternetExplorer). What could I do to work with Customizer? Is there a general problem with Customizer at the moment?

Thank you for every hint / answer.

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Error message when trying to use customizer

by willadams

Just uploaded a design and I get the error:

Compiling design (CSG Products normalization)... Unable to open a connection to the X server Can't create OpenGL OffscreenView. Code: -1.

Problem with my file, or the server?

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Command-Line OpenSCAD - Utlilizing Geometry Caching?

by Bikecyclist

To generate 5 STL renderings for each of 60 customization options, I'm currently following this guide:


It works as advertised, which is great. However, in contrast to the OpenSCAD IDE, it doesn't utilize caching, which makes it much slower.

  • In the IDE, the first render might take 5 minutes, and the four subsequent renders of the individual components will each take half a minute only.
  • In the command-line version, each render takes 5 minutes.

Is there a way to get the command-line OpenSCAD to utilitze geometry caching like the IDE does? That would be a great help! :-)

The thing I'm trying to render is my Improved Auto Coin Sorter:


Improved Auto Coin Sorter V7.5 - Coin Roll + Classic Version
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Article sur OpenSCAD

by jfrocchini

J'ai rédigé un article d'initiation à OpenSCAD dans la revue HACKABLE n°29 actuellement en librairie.


Bonne lecture !

If you don't read french, i apologyse but Hackable magazine is in french only.

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Can I convert a numerical variable into text ?

by curiousaardvark

basically what it says. Is it possible to take a numerical variable and convert it into a text variable. IE:

var2=50 ;

Is there a way to create text1 automatically from var1 & var2 ?
I'm guessing this is where the string theory comes in. Have yet to get my head around strings :-)

Answered it myself - why the manual has to complicate things by adding echo crap to the actual commands, I'll never understand.
Anyway this is what i ended up with and, by all the gods it works perfectly :-)


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How to Model a Solomonic Column

by aelfric5578

I've seen a number of different solutions for helixes around. Has anyone tried modeling a Solomonic column in OpenSCAD (example from Wikipedia attached). I'd like to use this kind of shape in something but I'm still a relative beginner with modeling and not quite sure where to start. Thanks in advance.

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