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No love for rero GI Joe?

by Jangomatt

So surprised to not see a plethora of cobra viper helmets and armor

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Complete Documentary ~ Printing Iron Man Mark.45 Suit

by FalkenXIX

This is going to be a complete Documentary for an "Iron Man Mark.45 Suit" build. I plan on building every part using parts provided by DaDave, Jace1969 and joshuarkendrick (See https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1779274 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2328895 and https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1515871 respectively) mixing small pieces here and there for build and usage comfort.

As of right now I have the full front chest built (see attached photo "MK45 Chest"). I am working on the Helmet now and should have that to show in a short time.

Back to the format of the Documentary... I will be uploading photos of all the parts I print as they come out and are pieced together. When I start priming, sanding, and painting I will also upload photos and information on that. I hope I can help other people looking to start big projects like this one in the future. This is a place you are more than welcome to ask questions. I will answer to the best of my ability. I will not only post the wins, but the problems I cam across as well, to better help other people in the future taking on prints like this. All of you are also welcome to comment and even suggest different settings, or anything you think will help.

I am using both a CR-10 Printer and a cheap Prusa i3 Clone. The CR-10 is doing most of the heavy lifting and the Clone is doing some minor pick-up here and there. My print settings are listed in the attachment "Print Settings" and I am using "Ultimaker Cura".

Anyway, on to the first part. As I was saying attached is a photo of the Full Front Chest. Each of these four pieces took on the low end of 8 hours to the high end of 10 hours to print. The files provided by joshuarkendrick were too small to print at 100% (learned that after the first helmet print (hence a new helmet print "after" the chest) so I bumped it up to 110% and that "seems" to be a good size for me (and I am of average build). Putting the four pieces together was not as hard as I thought, but one piece I printed did have an "issue" lifting off the build plate in one corner. That is ok though, a small amount of putty and some sanding will fix that.

Iron Man MK6 MK 6 Suit
by DaDave
Iron Man Mk7 Suit / Armour
Iron Man Mark 45 Armor
Armor complete cosplay costume Full_Size iron ironman Iron_Man man marvel
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Hydra Heavy Assault Rifle Reference

by grimmindustries

Hi Everyone,
I am having a hard time finding reference photos for the left side of the Hydra Heavy Assault Rifle from the first Captain America movie. I will add a photo of the specific prop but I can't finish the 3D model I started without the rest of the photos.


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Need a transparent part made for a Mass Effect prop

by jessthemullet

I've been working on a Locust SMG from the Mass Effect games for a while now. I finished my first iteration of it, and I'm not happy with how my idea for the light-up part turned out. I tried printing it in transparent PLA, but the geometry required a bunch of internal support or infill, and it's not nearly transparent enough for the LED to look decent. I think it would look and work best if I could get it cast in a transparent resin, or printed on something like the formlabs style of printer. I don't have access to either method right now, though.

Here's my album of progress with it so far https://imgur.com/a/NlTZK , and I've attached a picture of that part, isolated from the rest of the assembly, in case seeing it helps make more sense. If any of you have suggestions or a way to make this part, I'd love to hear it. If I can get them made, I'd ideally get a few of them, in case I want to make more than one Locust in the future.

I reached out to a couple of cosplay people on etsy and instagram that make gems (or who cast similar things) for costumes, but I got no response from any of them. Maybe I didn't make lots of sense, maybe they weren't interested. No idea. I thought I'd ask here, in case anybody had better ideas.

EDIT: Here's the published version of my most recent files. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2867380

Mass Effect Locust SMG
masseffect mass_effect
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