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Hi all.

I have a part, shown in the 1st pic: 1 large angled face and one small vertical face. There's much more detail in the actual part: this is just a rep.

I want to print it with the large face down on the plate, supporting the smaller vertical face, as shown in pic 2.

The issue I am running into is this: it prints just fine in that orientation, but the support structure on the smaller vertical face does not come off easily, requiring a lot of post-print cleanup. I really need that face to be as clean as possible.
I can print it as shown in pic 1, but it needs a whole lotta support for the interior bosses and cuts (not shown), and I'd like to avoid that: waste of filament.

I've experimented a bit with the Support settings: changed the Z Distance, Z Top Distance, %, but have not yet been successful in getting that mostly clean face.

Can anyone offer up any suggestions so as to reduce the amount of support remnants after the print, making it easier to get clean or be clean after the print?

Thanks All.

I'm not sure how to explain this but you need to print it on its side so when you are looking down on it from above it looks like a "L".

Also try lining the face you want to be smooth with the bed movement. I've had this printer for 2 years now and all my prints are perfect but you have to make changes to make it work its best. You will need to build a box for it if you want perfect prints. Check out my Youtube page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7rxcmi950NLevj8n8JygHg/videos and you to can print at 80mms to 100mms also with the mods I made. The first thing you should know is I never have failed prints or clogs, ever. The feeder has to be upgraded so I designed one that I've been using for 2 years now and the best part is you can print the feeder on your printer. Also my print temp is always set at 250c with the bed at 60c no matter the material. I have detailed all the changes you will need to make. Also the hot end is put together wrong, you will need to take the threaded rod out and flip it over after you get all the parts you need. I'll put links to everything you need on my page or you can send me a post here if you decide to make the changes I have.

As it turned out, I was able to print it with no support and it came out great.
I own an A8 but it's being built into an AM8-MGN; I've never printed with it. Yet.

I run my Maker at 80 anyway, and I print in 3 diff materials with 3 diff tempsets, based on my 3 diff Printer Profiles in Cura.
No clogs, no failed prints, just perfect 1st layers and continuing prints EVERY TIME.
I've got a list of mods I've done a mile long.

PS. It's ALL about the XY plane.

That's good news, glad you worked it out. just wanted to lend a hand if I could. I wanted to offer the very short list of changes I did for under $100 that made the printer amazing for the crap it started off as. I've been designing things like this for over 30+ years so I've learned how to engineer things.

In Cura, you could try the experimental tree supports. That might be frugal enough to allow you print in the Picture1 orientation. And/or it might be clean enough to work in Picture2 orientation.

Have you tried printing it on its side? Like when you fold a piece of paper and then stand it on its side.

edit: Also you should be able to print that angle with no supports when the larger face is on the build surface. That angle should have enough support from the layers beneath each new layer. Have you tried with no supports at that orientation?

I can print it standing up in it's normal orientation, but it needs needs much support for the interior.
It's a tad too tall to print on on edge paper folded as you suggest.
The angle upwards off the plate is 30° so it needs support, as far as I know: wouldn't it? It's more than the 50° spec'd in Cura.

I'll try it again face down with NO support in that area and see what that brings me.
A learning experience, this 3D printing thing. :-)


Same here. I learn something new everyday from either wanting to learn it or saying "OOPS" and it working out or failing. Have you ever printed a Cali Cat test print? I think the tail is at least a 30 degree angle. You may have to adjust your print speed and temps to, depending on what they are are set to now. slower and lower may be better.

But to actually address your question on support. I use Slic3r PE, with my Anet A8 (see attached). The only thing I adjust is the degree threshold and maybe pattern and X/Y spacing. i dont want the supports touching x and y planes and pattern spacing to reduce filament use

Edit: Attached second photo of supports in slicer. Has you can no supports touch the main body and there is small gap where they support the angle needed for better surface after removal.

Printed on a MakerGear M2 with silver PLA. 2x size (4x volume).