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Recent Topics

Wifi Issues

by Ralnarene

I'm sure someone has covered this before, so if you happen to know where the topic is, I'd appreciate a link. Anyway, I keep repeatedly getting errors whenever I try to transfer gcodes over wifi to my Monoprice Select Mini Pro lately. I had originally heard that in those cases you have to powercycle the printer, and retry. I've tried this a bunch of times, and it's not working anymore.

Any suggestions? I'm also investigating getting another compatible micro-SD card, but the directions I got from tech support do not turn up any results when searching for them.

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by jtornese

I have purchased a 32 gig micro sd card to use for my prints.
Problem: My laptop shows files that I have added to the card, but when I put it in the printer it says: No files found
Any ideas?

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Monoprice Select Mini V2 won't move

by JMCMakesStuff

I was printing something over the night but when I woke up the print had just stopped. Ever since then the printer won't read the sd card, won't move in any axis or extrude, and the temperature just reads 0 for the bed and extruder. Any help would be appreciated.

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Is She Dead?

by RockMonsterNo1

Howdy, I think my printer might just have given up the ghost but I'm not sure. Here's the deal, recently, long prints have just been stopping about halfway through but the bed/hotend were still on even though the printer was at the home screen, not the print screen.(Not a power outage) On top of that, the power switch just broke which isn't to much of an issue except that after crimping the two wires together, it won't turn on fully and instead just goes to a gray screen. After looking around I couldn't find anything similar so I suspect it's either a power supply problem or something to do with the software.

Any help would be appreciated or even a confirmation that it's actually dead.

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bed heating error

by tuckw05

i have recently bean having an issue where the bed of my monoprice select mini wont heat up and the LCD will say its at like 350-400 degrees and I know all i have to to to fix it is re-attach the thermometer but i have not found a good way to remove the bed to do so. any ideas on how to fix it and also is this a common problem.

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