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Micromake D1 - skew/tilted print???

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Hi folks,
my D1 begin to print objects slightley skewed (i don't know if it is the right expressioni tilted or leaned or smth, as seen on the photos)

No change after all, same stock parts, same stock card, same slicer software, same brand filament

-checked the belt tensions, and adjusted as needed
-check the stepper pulleys if there is a friction
-checked and re-adjusted bed level
-checked first layer adhesion (it is fine, thanks to pei)
-the material is Esun PLA+,
bed temp is 55, extruder temp is 204
-delta arms has dampeners from the beginning so no serious backslash

only things that i found weird is the ball connectors on the carbon arms are loose (due to usage). I ordered new arms just in case but i can not be sure if it is the problem.

help needed

If you are ordering new diagonals you should bite the bullet and buy Haydn magnetic rods, they are the best.

Loose ball connectors are no surprise with the D1 - they are only glued in with CA, and are dodgy as all. The carbon rods themselves are only 3mm/4mm which is insufficient. Haydn's carbon rods are much better and the magnetic connects are awesome.

If those connectors are loose, then they are probably your issue - so if you are going to fix it, do it right :)

My Micromake is really no longer a Micromake - the only thing that's left from the original printer is the frame and the corner pieces :)

thank you!

by the way, vase type hollow prints are extremely fine, no distortion ?? wierd.

I think it prints continously in that mode and more smoothly so no vibration on connectors

Looking at those pictures, the prints don't look particularly wonderful even ignoring the angling. Maybe too much extrusion? The layers are very uneven.

I tried extrusion changes but I think it is the mighty D1 wobbly extruder.

You mean effector?

zylantha, i found the cause, I also found that I am a fool :) the tiny mini screw which is holding the belt gear on the stepper is loose. and the backup screw is missing. I replaced all and voila!

Aha, the old "loose set screw" ... that will do it.

I presume that the missing one actually worked its way out originally as well, and is now somewhere on your floor.

Remember kids, if you are screwing metal-into-metal, always use threadlock!

believe me there was Loctite threadlock :) I put when I was building the printer. now it is black instead of blue.


by the way I found two of my three belts are overtightened, loosened them a bit. now prints are better, but a ringing artefact occured. I think I am started to hate deltas. :)