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can never get the extrusion right.

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this problem bothers me a lot.
I set my micro step to 32, steps per mm to 200 and flow rate to 300
the problem is it under extrude a lot, so I calibrate it according to youtube video, I get something at 500ish flow rate.
I run the test again, the situation is like filament doesn't come out quick enough from the nozzle so I can feel the kick back at the gear
the extruder I am using is a mk8 from aliexpress...

Is there a clicking sound coming from the extrusion motor?

yes, the gear is grinding the filament and making the clicking sound, but filament won't go in

From my experience, that could be the sign of a blocked nozzle. Have you A) Checked for a clog (Heat up nozzle and pull of filament, be careful with tweezers if necessary) and/or B) removed the nozzle and with the hotend OFF, and dropped a long, stiff, straight thing (like an Allen key) down to see if it a straight shot down to the extruder?

that was my first clue as well, I took apart the whole hot end and heat the block with heating gun and clean inside well, so I can actually see through hot end, and I did some cold pull as well.
maybe the nozzle is clogged? not sure, I have some spare nozzles but that's for v6 hot ends, will that work on the original micromakde d1 v5 hot end, not sure about it

To see if the nozzle is clogged, first heat up the extruder to the melting point of whatever was in there last. Then manually try to force filament through the nozzle. If it doesn't go through, there's your problem right there. If it does, make sure that the spring/bearing assembly isn't pushing too tight on the filament and feeder gear. Since there is clicking, it means that the hotend is actually hearing up to the minimum melting point of PLA, so the firmware won't prevent it from extruding. If your filament is a higher temp than PLA, then make sure your tempurature settings are correct in the gcode/slicer.

it turns out you are right, the nozzle is clogged,
so the nozzle doesn't extrude enough filament no mater how, if I increase flow rate, the filament will just get kicked back at the extruder.
I changed a new nozzle, and everything goes well now.

I get my D1 used, and I never managed to print faster than 30mm/s, now after change the nozzle, I can finally go to 50~60mm/s

Happy to help.