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Bases: There has to be a better way!

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Played a game this weekend where a convention was established: Stationary/Walk/Run/Jump by dice colour, and the Targeting Move Mod by Dice Number, with a six for +0. We had enough colours of dice to extend this to a Colour for Heat based mods to Targeting and Movement. I thought this was very reminiscent of the brilliant DropFleet system of mods shown on the base with coloured wedges.

And I thought: There has to be a better way for BTech! Something like a tray that clips to the back of the Mech Hex base, with Insets for 5mm Dice to show mods.

What do you folks do?

We use 2 different 8mm dice, one of one color to show total targeting modifier, including terrain and the second of a different color to show what the gunnery modifier will be. Once the mech has fired, remove the gunnery die. A tray would be neat when playing miniature rules but might get awkward on hex maps.

We used to use these round bases that you could turn and the damage and movement modifiers would show up in a window in the base. Also we had another thing we could turn to show the modifiers for heat. They wound up being bigger than normal bases, and a lot of the minis looked weird when you made them big enough for those bases. I think we called it ClickyTech or MechWorrier or something like that. It was popular for a while, but then it just kind of petered out. . .


Are you talking about MechWarrior: Dark Age? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MechWarrior:_Dark_Age)

That was an old attempt at re-inventing the game from the ground up to attract new players to the franchise. Different game, different business model, different scale; they even advanced the timeline far enough to allow new players to ignore all the existing lore (without resorting to a full blown reboot). That game hasn't been produced since 2008.

I'd be curious to see something that uses the idea of those those click bases in classic Battletech, though. It wouldn't even have to be the base; could be a separate token of some sort that could simply be placed near the mech (effectively replacing the movement dice, while including a lot more information).

I just thought a base with two or three extra small holes for say something like a toothpick flag with a modifier color and number. Say green for TMM, Blue for elevation when needed and maybe red for heat modifiers and other miscellaneous?

I haven't tried this in BT (been ages since I've played a match which wasn't done online via MegaMek) but I've seen some trackers for other games posted here which have rotary numbers in, or beside, their base for tracking things. They would have to be rather small to track everything BT needs, which could strain the resolution of FDM printers, but I could see that working.

I play Battletech Alpha Strike. While yes, it is not classic. We can have a party where we can all play 2-3 games in a night.

Those play mats are amazing!
I absolutely love it (and may have to steal the idea) but what savage has put a can on your mats?

Interlocking foam mats... Why didn't I think of that?

I was about to go the route of acrylic caulk on a canvas sheet, but I think I like this method better. Those mats are more easily adaptable to different table sizes, and interchangeable for different types of terrain.

Yep, it works great for that. I painted it with dark green Rustoleum spray paint (slow drying). I picked up 2 large hobby grass turf buckets from Hobby Lobby and sprinkled them on. Right after, I hit it with Rustoleum 2X Clear Matte to seal it.

I glued 2 layers together for most. The ones I did not glue together right away were the ones with water under it. I glued then on after I did the grass pass. I used the colored foam 18x18 floor mats you can get at most any hardware store. I used the blue color as the water ones. I made them 2 layers so I could cut into them, or have water on a lower layer, etc.

I'm part of a Facebook group and I posted more photos:

The idea is indeed genius. Considering the trouble I went through with my modular hex base system, I wish I had thought of that.

After doing this, I found websites that will print you custom printed surfaces on the foam tiles. I wonder if this would be a good kickstarter project, where you get a bulk order estimate and if you reach the minimum order, bam!