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A few mechs I'm looking for.

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Looking for these models.

N Scale:
Mad Dog
Crusader (Classic Unseen)


I think I found a few of these. We have a guy in our group who is not well off and can't afford a lot. So I am attempting to print him a few lances to game with so he can have his own mechs. Thanks in advance.

+1 on the request for an Ostscout! Also for an Arcas and Ursus, no mystery who I'm building is there?
PS, a Beowulf and Beowilf IIC also, grovel grovel

on that note im looking for a fire falcon

Like 7up man said, in your slicer software, scale up the model. N scale is ranges from 1∶148 to 1∶160 (9mm), depending upon the manufacturer. Battletech is 1:285 (6mm).

I have printed several mechs at 10mm. I just increased the size. Here it is vs a N scale train.

TTGF, you might want to try out printing your minis in Cura, standing upward, with Tree Supports enabled and Support Density set to zero. After Tokugawa gave me this idea, I managed to print my minis in 6mm scale (between 40 and 50mm height) in a very decent quality. The minis in the photos are printed at 0.0875mm layer height with a 0.4mm nozzle.

That last image is... Awesome :)

That's some serious stringiness. I guess they're easy enough to clean up though.

I think you'll find every Mech here except the Ostscout. WRT the scale, just scale them up or down as you see fit. Just establish a system for you where the different classes (Lights, Mediums etc.) have fixed sizes so they won't look awkward next to each other.

Yeah, most of the 'mechs here are MWO models scaled to 1/285 or 1/300 of their usual size... which is still rather significantly larger than the classic 'mech minis. So even ones you find here in the "right" scale, you might want to rescale them anyhow if they're going to be next to anything other than other MWO prints.

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