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BattleTech Thing Tag Drive

by Shiaic1

Hey guys, what about a 'Tag Drive' to make the BattleTech files really searchable?

I tend to tag as I browse.

At a minimum I'd suggest including (where relevant):

'BattleMech' / 'vehicle'
'Light Mech' / 'Medium Mech' / 'Heavy Mech' / 'Assault Mech'

Mech name,
Mech variant,
and a scale tag, eg. '6mm' / '10mm' / 'N scale'

Humbly suggested, for your consideration.

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So long, and Thanks for all the Fish!

by CommissarHarris

Well, even unrelated, generic things that someone else has tagged as Battletech have been DM'ed. Will there be anything left of this group afterwards? Hex bases perhaps?

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Common Mech Sizes for the Battletech Board game

by jpri69

After doing some research online to find what the common ranges were for mech sizes in the 1:285 / 6mm range for lights, mediums, heavys, and assaults I created a mech sizer that can be placed into your slicer as you scale your mechs. The common ranges that I found are as follows:

lights should be about 35-40mm tall
mediums should be about 40-45mm tall
heavies should be about 45-50mm tall
assaults should be about 50-55mm tall

As some times the scales are all over the place this might help. Of course there are always Mechs that fall outside of this so again it is a best judgement.

Here is the Thing I created

I am also including a picture of it in use within the Cura slicer.

Big Stompy Mech Sizer for 6mm games
by jpri69
battletech battletech_mech mechwarrior mechwarrior_online
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New Guy

by warhammer74

Been looking at 3d printers trying to decide what to buy. Whether get a SLA/DLP type or an FDM printer. Mostly going to try and print mechs and vehicles for battletech and gaming minatures. Unless my wife gets an Idea in her head. Ive looked at the files and stuff here did a little research and still looking and planning. Any suggestions are welcome.
Second question anyone have a pic of a 10mm mech standing next to a 6mm so I can see size difference. and or vehicles of similar scale. Thanks.

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Saladin hover tank?

by Cyric_30

Does anyone know if anyone's made one yet? is one my favorite vehicles in the game, and would like to be able to print a few. any takers?

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Terrain, Boardgame play; or Wargame play;

by CommissarHarris

What do folks prefer, Battle tech as a War game with terrain; or Hex maps?

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Bases: There has to be a better way!

by CommissarHarris

Played a game this weekend where a convention was established: Stationary/Walk/Run/Jump by dice colour, and the Targeting Move Mod by Dice Number, with a six for +0. We had enough colours of dice to extend this to a Colour for Heat based mods to Targeting and Movement. I thought this was very reminiscent of the brilliant DropFleet system of mods shown on the base with coloured wedges.

And I thought: There has to be a better way for BTech! Something like a tray that clips to the back of the Mech Hex base, with Insets for 5mm Dice to show mods.

What do you folks do?

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Current mech list

by Syllogy

After I finish the Hero Mechs, I'll come back through and shorten antennas into stubs, deepen missile wells, and make a fresh pass over earlier models.

VL-2T4.png ZEU-5T4.PNG VND-1R4.png WVR-6R3.png VPE-Zero4.png VTR-9A5.png WHM-6R9.png WHM-IIC1-4.png WHK-Prime4.png VND-1SIB11.png UZL-2S4.png VPR-Prime4.png TWF-Prime4.png UM-R60-4.png RGH-R4.PNG TNS-4S4.png VL-5T4.png PXH-1D4.PNG TDR-5SE3.png JM6-S4.png TDR-5S-T.PNG STK-8MX4.png TBT-5N4.PNG SNV-1-4.png SHD-2H3.png STK-3F4.png SNS-Prime4.PNG SMN-Prime3.png SDR-A-4.PNG SDR-5K4.PNG SDC-Prime4.png RVN-1X4.PNG SCR-Prime4.png RFL-IIC1-4.PNG MAD-3R4.png RFL-3N4.png QKD-4G4.png PNT-9R4.png KDK-Prime4.png Piranha_1-4.png Matts_Atlas4.png OSR-3D4.png ON1-V4.PNG ON1-P-4.PNG ON1-IIC4.png NVA-Prime4.png NSR-9J4.png NTG-Prime4.png MDD-Prime5.png NCT-Prime4.png MLX-Prime4.png MAL-2P11.png MADIIC5.PNG JR7-F4.png Madcat_mkii-Prime4.png Madcat_Mk_II_Ranger.PNG LCT-1V.png LCT-PB.PNG LBK-Prime4.png INC-Prime4.png KTO-18-4.PNG KTF-Prime4.png KGC-010-4.png JM6-FB-4.PNG JR7-IIC4.png HBR-Prime4.PNG ADR-Prime2.png HLF-Prime4.PNG ICF-Prime4.png HGN-IIC4.png GRF-1N3.png HTM-27T4.png HNT-Prime4.png FS9-E-4.PNG FS9-A4.png HGN-732-4.png ENF-4R4.png HBK-4G8.png FNR-5-4.PNG HBK-IIC4.png AS7-WGS4.PNG ASN-21-4.png ARC-1A_Lineup.png AS7-D4.PNG GHR-5H4.png CTF-IM.png DV-6M4.png EXE-Prime4.png CPLT-C1D5.PNG EBJ-Prime4.png COR-1X4.png DWF-Prime4.PNG COM-TDK3.png DRG-Flame.png CN9-A1.png CTF-1X4.png CRB-27-4.PNG CPLT-K25.png CP-10-Z4.png CRB-20-4.png CN9-YLW.png COG-Prime4.PNG COM-TDK.png AWS-8Q4.png CDA-X5.png BSW-X1-4.png CN9-A1-4.png CGR-1A4.png ANH-1X4.png CHP-1N4.png CDA-1A4.PNG ARW-Prime4.png BL6-KNT2.png BLR-1G6.png BNC-3M4.png BLR-1GHE-4.png BJ-A-4.png ANH-4F4.PNG BKL-Prime4.png AWS-PB2.png BJ-14.png AS7-D_Danielle4.png BAS-Prime4.png ACH-Prime4.png
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