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mechwarrior and all things mech

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Bases: There has to be a better way!

by CommissarHarris

Played a game this weekend where a convention was established: Stationary/Walk/Run/Jump by dice colour, and the Targeting Move Mod by Dice Number, with a six for +0. We had enough colours of dice to extend this to a Colour for Heat based mods to Targeting and Movement. I thought this was very reminiscent of the brilliant DropFleet system of mods shown on the base with coloured wedges.

And I thought: There has to be a better way for BTech! Something like a tray that clips to the back of the Mech Hex base, with Insets for 5mm Dice to show mods.

What do you folks do?

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AWESOME! 2 New artists uploading models!

by Table_Top_Gaming_Fun


Both are great. Note, I did have to scale up some of Syllogy models to about 115% or more to match the scale of my existing models.

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A few mechs I'm looking for.

by Billdozer23

Looking for these models.

N Scale:
Mad Dog
Crusader (Classic Unseen)


I think I found a few of these. We have a guy in our group who is not well off and can't afford a lot. So I am attempting to print him a few lances to game with so he can have his own mechs. Thanks in advance.

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WSP-1A Wasp?

by Theophrastus

Hey Comms,
Just joined the list.
I was looking for 20 Tonne Mechs to create a small skermish force.
Can you point me in the direction of a WSP-1A Wasp, STG-3R Stinger?
I've found the LCT-1V Locust, thanks.


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Terrain, Boardgame play; or Wargame play;

by CommissarHarris

What do folks prefer, Battle tech as a War game with terrain; or Hex maps?

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