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Recent Topics

Adhesion problem

by Viralsaber

I've been printing on my Mars for about 2 months and I'm no expert but initially I had great success printing 100% of my models. About 3 weeks ago I began experiencing print failures where the support rafts were being printed on the FEP. Since then I've had very little success printing anything until yesterday when I realized that models placed directly on the build plate with no supports do print while those with supports don't. I should tell you I've replaced my FEP with the Eleggo brand replacement and I always level the build plate according to the Elegoo manual. I believe what's happening is the rafts are bonding with the FEP more strongly than they are to the build plate but I don't know why. I'm using the default settings for a Mars using standard black resin with a bottom exposure time of 70 seconds. I've read some people say this should be 60 seconds however I haven't tested that yet. In any case I'd really like some advice on how to fix this problem.

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Curing Elegoo resin

by p00ta

How do you cure your resin?

...my go-to method right now is

  • clean the print in IPA
  • remove supports
  • submerge print in glas of water and let sit in the sun for a couple of hours (no lid; aluminium foil on bottom)
Elegoo Elegoo_Mars iphone isopropyl_alcohol resin uv_curing
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cleaning material for resin prints

by boonie2

Has anyone tried and had any success using "Mean Green" cleaning fluid?
I have seen the youtube video re. using this and wanted to know if it's a genuine way to go.
Seems strange to be advised by Elegoo to use IPA if its not the best stuff to use, and more expensive. So I wondered.
If no-one has tried, I will give it a go and let you all know. If someone already has, it would save me £14.99 to find out its no good.

Thanks folks

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Unknown error. Any ideas?

by Ender3PrintingFan1

I have an unknown error that recently occurred. About midway through the print it gave up and started printing a random fuzz. I thought maybe my external screen was giving up, but then the print looked the same (as in there was a random fuzz at the same point as it showed up on the screen and it quit printing at the same place). I loaded up the file in ChituBox, and lo and behold: ChituBox showed the exact same issue. Is this an issue in ChituBox, My USB stick, or the printer?
I suspect USB stick, but I don't know.

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Convex/Shrinking prints

by callmelightningjunior

I'm new to this. I just recently got this printer and it is my first resin printer.

I'm having a problem with prints coming out convex -- actually from shrinkage away from the build plate. Printing a solid with the piece angled away from the build plate and supported, the edge nearest to the build plate is noticeably convex. The dimension at the center is what it should be, but as you proceed away, the part gets undersized. This has happened with several parts.

Included are some photos of an example part. This is a roof of OhneZeit's model of the Mister Rogers Neighborhood trolley reduced to HO scale. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1301707.

The piece is about 30 x 90mm (1 1/4 x 3 1/2 inch). It was printed with elegoo gray resin, and default print settings. The piece is oriented 45 degrees way from the build plate along the long side, Heavy supports, raft, 5mm lift (though a similar part with more lift shows the same). The photos with the ruler show the convexity well. Not that the shrinkage occurs in all three planes -- though it is most visible in the long direction. The photo with a second piece is the same part printed with a FDM printer for comparison.

What's causing this? Over or under exposure?

Neighborhood Trolley
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