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Cat -mixed success printing it

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OK this doesn't seem too active a group, but here goes.
I successfully printed the sample cat on the SD card supplied with the printer, using some fluoro yellow PLA.
However I tried again unsuccessfully with some black and some red PLA. The cat broke away from its raft while printing each time.

Anyone else had the same issue? Seems like a design flaw, that the connection to the raft is too fragile. Only gcode is supplied, so hard to edit.

Interesting comments here, indicating you all don't pay attention to posts.

The "sample cat" on the SD card is gcode. It can't be edited with cura.
It already has a raft.
The distance between nozzle and bed won't change just because I change filament.
A picture won't help diagnose the problem. The bottom of the print breaks away from its raft, part way through the printing, then spaghetti is extruded.

I tried this design with my red filament: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:923108 (I converted it using cura.)
It worked fine. I expect it will work with the black filament as well. Obviously the sample cat is bad design.

The printer is generally working well. My only complaint is that feeding new filament in is fiddly. I taper the tip of the filament to help, and wiggle & rotate it a lot while it pushing in.
I haven't yet advanced to designing my own stuff. So far the small size hasn't been a problem, except that I'd love to print a pendulum clock, and the Malyan build size is too small for the interesting design I see on thingiverse.

maneki-neko -money cat-
by bs3

If the distance between nozzle and heatbed is unchanged, your only two options are lowering the print speed and increasing/decreasing print temperature. Both can be done mid-print with the dial knob.

Again: Different materials behave differently, so it's entirely possible that one brand of PLA sticks perfectly, while another one doesn't. I stick to one (German) brand of PLA only so I don't have to change those settings every time I try out a new brand.

For curiosity's sake you could again try to print the cat with the filament you originally used to check if it still prints fine. You know, just to make sure. Also, you are the first person that reports this problem with that cat, at least to my knowledge. Feel free to check the Facebook groups, https://www.facebook.com/groups/MP.Select.Mini.Owners and https://www.facebook.com/groups/710952782398723 .

Thanks for that 7upMan. I had to try a few times to get the cat printed with black filament. (I'm slightly mad, I do repeat the same steps hoping for a different result.) The first couple (using thing 923108), it separated, ending up printing spaghetti.
Of the bird feeders I printed (that screw onto the bottom of drink bottles), the fluoro yellow was good, the black was weak and broke. -But birds won't go near the fluoro, I had to colour it black.
Yes, I need to try different settings with the black filament to get reliable prints.
All my filaments came from Hobby King, where I bought the printer at a good price. The fluoro yellow, with which I have the most success, is unbranded. The red and black (and white which I haven't tried) are esun brand.
I might post a question about it on the Google 3D printer group I'm on. Plenty of experts there.

Hi, I don't really know much about print settings (yet!) but if it is of any use I attempted the cat print 3 different times with 3 different filaments. 2 out of the 3 times the print went to spaghetti right around the neck part of the print. 3rd time's a charm, however, and it printed perfectly. I only ever have printed using Priline PLA and the filament supplied with the printer. The green PLA and the pre-supplied PLA prints are the two that failed, but when I printed using the white PLA, it printed without a hitch. Again, no idea if this information is of any use, but just putting it out there if anybody finds it useful. (P.S: I printed with a 200C nozzle and 50C bed.)

use cura the raft helps with unevenness in the bed. make sure you calibrate it to about the thickness of a sheet of paper. i use 200c to 210c for nozzle temp and 45c on the bed.

Hard to say without seeing a photo or video, but what you describe usually points to the distance between nozzle and heatbed being too big. You might want to try raising the bed and thus decrease the distance between nozzle and heatbed. Also, you might want to try lowering the print speed. Different materials behave differently, so it's entirely possible that one brand of PLA sticks perfectly, while another one doesn't.

If it's under-extruding, the raft could be too weak. If the nozzle temperature is too low, you could be getting blobs that catch on the cat. The difference in filaments could be responsible for either. A picture could confirm or eliminate these.