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Pause at Layer to change filament

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I wanted to do a name tag with a color change at a given layer.
To do this I used the Pause feature of the MP Select Mini but I knew there had to be a better way.
The plug-in for Cura doesn't work for the MP Select Mini so you have to do it yourself but it's easy.

I found out that the G-Code M600 does the same thing as pressing pause.

Here's the procedure.
First you will want Notepad2, I got it from Source Forge (https://sourceforge.net/projects/notepad2/)
Now load your STL file into Cura and save the G-Code.
Use the Layers view to find the layer where you want to change the filiment.
Load your G-Code into Notepad2
Use Find to search for the layer in the format of LAYER:n where n it the layer number you are looking for.
Enter a blank line before the ;LAYER:n
Enter M600
Save the G-Code.
That's it, just run your print, change your filament when it pauses then un-pause.

Here's a portion of the G-Code I edited and successfully printed. As you can see I made my filament change to take place at Layer 6
G0 F3600 X63.636 Y60.808
G1 F3300 X64.353 Y61.525 E217.03716
G1 F2400 E212.53716
G0 F3600 X72.011 Y66.700 Z1.500

I hope this helps anyone wanting a simple way to pause at a given layer.

I know i'm really late to the party, but I just found this and would also like to thank you. Well done! I am going to go try this right now.

I joined this group for the sole purpose of thanking you for this insight. Thank you for this insight.

Your very welcome.
By the way it doesn't matter if you put the M600 before the ;LAYER nn or after just as long as it's before the next line of G code.

Thank you so much! Before I was just doing it by eye and then hitting pause, but there are problems with the wheel on the printer and sometimes it will turn just a bit before I hit pause, and then end up canceling the print by accident, or other times you don't hit pause at the right time and your print looks weird. This is a much better method! I do have one suggestion though, what if you extrude the filament out all the way out before pausing, that way you can save you self the trouble of having to pull the filament out, and all you have to do is put the new filament in. Sorry If I'm kind of necroposting I just saw your post now and wanted to say thanks.

One thing that I've done to make changing filament a lot easier was to remove the boden tube from the spiral wrap; separating it from the wiring, this allows me to remove the boden tube from the hot end and line up the filament with much less effort.