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SSH Connection to MB Mini

by npaisnel

Wondered if it is possible to connect to and run manual commands ( like heat nozzle, jog, home x axis , etc/what ever) via issuing commands directly at SSH terminal connected to the Mini, or even does the printer have hidden ‘web pages built in to it for manualcontrol/info /diagnostics?

A port scan shows no open ports, but it does have SFTP, SSH etc visible as Bonjour Services

You see, I am having problems with my Mini not homing correctly and melting the nozzle in to the build plate on start of printing rather than hitting the metal pads. E-mails from MakerBot support are not of any real help at all and the software (MB Desktop or Print ) has no Utilities for individual commands... like homing etc

Or any other software available that gives more control... Octo Print I think I saw earlier, but not tried it yet...

Any other suggestions as what to do with a MakerBot Mini. I do currrntly have a selection of ideas myself as what to do with this expensive piece of junk, but they all involve a large hammer of falls from a great height.

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printing without a raft on a makerbot mini

by ndisalvo

Has anyone been successful in overriding the makerbot slicer to be able to print on the mini without a raft? I would prefer to print without a raft, but the slicer does not let you de-select the raft function.

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BuildTak surface.

by Saraba

Can you use the BuildTak surface sheet on the Replicator Mini?

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Offical Makerbot Filament Peeling

by NotXeroShi

So the Issue im having is that In my School The White Filament which is the official makerbot filament keeps on curling/warping etc.
The Issue is That It's Any Print will Curl. We made it 240C and we use Raft Etc Etc. The only thing we have on our build plate is masking tape and a Glue stick which works fine. IS There a Way to fix this issue?

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1st Gen Makerbot Replicator Dual Extruder

by ChipCustomizer

Well it finally happened, my Makerbot Replicator Dual Extruder finally called it quits. I was ordering parts to replace the nozzles, the hot ends, and the drive gears. Got a few parts in and started fixing the Makerbot. The cable management had the cables going between the two extruders where the screws that hold the filament tubes are located. When I tried to take off one of the hot ends the whole hot end twisted and stripped a few wires against the screw threads. A big pop sound, some smoke and no more working replicator :( I looked at the circuit board and one of the chips literally exploded. Being that Makerbot no longer supports this printer - I was just wondering if anyone had a working motherboard that they wouldn't mind selling so that I can get this working again.... Anyone... Anyone...?

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