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Recent Topics

Stringing and filament Manufacturer

by Arrmuss

So I have ridiculous amount of stringing with my monoprice makerselect plus. I have done all the tests, fiddled with all the retractions settings, print speed, travel speed, temp settings etc. The only thing left if quality of the filament. Right now I use MG Chemicals PLA but I am looking to buy Monoprice brand filament. Has any one used the printer manufacture brand filament? Any one have suggestions on other brands that may help reduce stringing?

Edit: also what cura settings would anyone recommend to reduce string?

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Layer issues

by Drmonkeyface

Hi all,

I'm getting some some bits of random layer separation in my prints and was wondering what may be causing it. I'm a bit new to 3d printing and haven't modded my printer at all but a new cooling fan and stabiliser seem like the simplest places to start.

It's a makerselect i3 plus printing with generic PLA from Amazon. I've been tinkering with the settings and the little Kirby was done at 200 degrees at 30mm/s with the height at 0.04 but I've had the same issue with different heat/height and speed settings. I've tried colder, hotter, faster and different heights.

The top of Kirby seems to have either melted or just not printed correctly but I can't tell properly.

Most of the stuff I've printed I've sanded and painted so its not a huge issue but it is annoying me a bit so any tips or tricks would be greatly received.


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E3D Extruder Assembly

by PrinterGuy2

Hi. I am a 3D printing amatuer and I want to upgrade to an e3d extruder assembly, but I would like there to be some instructions because I don't want to buy the wrong things and then break anything. Thanks in advance, DQ.

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Cura Settings

by viktaboyz16

I am a 3d printing newb and just got the MSP. I have downloaded and installed Cura on my two computers at home; one is a Mac and one Windows. The MSP is not listed as a printer so i was curious what is the best settings. I have read to just use the Cura on the SD card (Windows only) which is an older version. Are you losing anything by using the older version of Cura. I will need to set up Cura on my Mac and not exactly sure what to do. Has anyone had any success of opening a model from the SD card on a newer version of Cura and the settings load? Hope this makes sense. Can't wait to start printer. Any help is greatly appreciated!

cura_settings MP_Maker_Select_Plus
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Z-Axis Seizing After Tightening Lead Screw Nut

by RabidOtter

Recently I noticed that the entire Y-axis assembly was loose, the lead screw nut on the Z-Axis was coming off. I disassembled everything above the Z-Axis motors to get to the screws that hold that nut in place. While I had the printer apart, I swapped out the solid collets for the flexible collets. I get everything tight and assembled again, including the Z-Axis brace I added a year ago. Now I have an issue where the Z-Axis on the left side of the printer will seize up when the print head is about 2 cm above the bed. This is the same side that had the loose nut in the first place. Any suggestions on what to change to fix this?

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