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HELP with rescuing a failed print

by BillsCNC

Hello All,

I have a problem with a print that failed about halfway through during a 10-hour build. It was printing air when I woke up. After cleaning up the part, I see it failed at Layer #135. My problem is I am unsure about how to start another print so it can glue it to my existing half. I have already removed the part from the machine.

My Machine is an IIIP-I3/Plus. (Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D Printer)
The Software is, IIIP-Cura. (I'm not sure which build it is as there is no tab to check. It came with the machine in 2017 when purchased)
Print Material is, PLA

How do I restart the print on Layer #136?

I'm still a noobie and have only printed a hand full of things in the last 2.5 years. Any help would be appreciated.

I have uploaded the G-code file.



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Extruder jams and stops working mid-print

by LunaReed

Apologies if this is a fairly common issue (I've googled it pretty extensively but none of the solutions I've tried seem to work for very long, or at all). This is my first printer, and I've used it for about two years without any major problems, but starting a few months ago it's been having some extruder issues that I haven't been able to narrow down to a specific cause. Typically it will print for a short time (a few minutes to an hour) before the filament dithers off and eventually stops extruding altogether. When removed, the filament has what looks like heat creep (?) but also some sort of zigzag distortion that I haven't seen documented elsewhere (photos attached).

So far I've tried the following:

  • cleaning the extruder nozzle between prints
  • replacing the nozzle
  • cleaning and replacing the extruder gear
  • running the fan at 100% from the beginning of the print
  • various PLA filaments (some of mine were older and brittle/breaking, so I thought that might be part of the problem, but I had the same extruder issue with a brand new spool of Monoprice PLA that I had just taken out of the vacuum seal).

The replacement parts seemed to help for a little while, but now they don't appear to be making much of a difference. Nothing else on the printer (other than the plastic mat covering the build plate) has been replaced since I got it, so now I'm considering replacing the fan(s), the stepping motor, and/or the entire hot end if necessary--but I thought it would be a good idea to seek a second opinion or two before I throw any more money at it. The fans and motor appear to be working, but one of the fans does have a missing blade (same story as in this thread, more or less: https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/maker-select-plus/forums/general/topic:30880). I would be most grateful for any advice!

extruder filament help
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Bottom Layer Shaky and Printing Zigzag

by n8rockerasu

So, recently, I had to replace the interface plate on my Maker Select Plus because the extruder temp was no longer regulating properly. Upon putting everything back together and trying to print, I started noticing more noise than usual and that the bottom layer is being put down in a weird, shaky zigzag pattern (see image). It gets a little better printing additional layers, but it's still very noisy (almost grindy) and the prints don't look great.

I've never had this problem before. I'm using the same PLA as before replacing the plate and I'm printing the same files. Did something get knocked out of alignment while moving things around? Obviously, I re-leveled the bed, but I did have the printer on its side a couple times when I was troubleshooting the extruder issue (testing the thermistor on the bed input). Any and all help with this is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

bottom layer help needed maker select plus monoprice
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X-Axis Stepper Motor Smoked

by beikugun

Welp, one day into 2020 and broke my no smoking resolution, lol
Seriously though, my Select Plus smoked out on me. After inspection found a burnt lead on the x-axis stepper motor and the connector from the driver board. Not sure the board version, but I've attached pictures. Googling didn't help out, so I'm here to see if you fine strangers can help. THANKS and Happy New Years

Steppers stepper_driver
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Cura Settings

by viktaboyz16

I am a 3d printing newb and just got the MSP. I have downloaded and installed Cura on my two computers at home; one is a Mac and one Windows. The MSP is not listed as a printer so i was curious what is the best settings. I have read to just use the Cura on the SD card (Windows only) which is an older version. Are you losing anything by using the older version of Cura. I will need to set up Cura on my Mac and not exactly sure what to do. Has anyone had any success of opening a model from the SD card on a newer version of Cura and the settings load? Hope this makes sense. Can't wait to start printer. Any help is greatly appreciated!

cura_settings MP_Maker_Select_Plus
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