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My flow is whack!

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I know people say this all the time... however I will start with... I have leveled this bed a dozen times! I have tried with a piece of paper, a business card, a level, and cleaned the nozzle. I have had this printer for a week or so, so the only "mods" I have printed is the cable management piece for the bed heater. While I am all for making this printer "better" with tweaks and mods, I do think it should at least work straight out of the box. It probably does, I just have my settings jacked up in Cura, no doubt.

Which leads me to my actual question... I am getting these really thin lines from the extruder while trying to print just about anything. Does anyone know what is causing this? Flow rate? Distance from the bed (which is the thickness of a piece of printer paper)?

Thank you for any guidance on this, as clearly I am just learning this interesting new art/hobby.


Watch this entire video it really helped me when I started.


Thank you! That really helped me dial in my bed last night. I am a noob as well (printing for about a week) and that gave some additional insight. Plus, I am using 1/4-20 for my z braces (still printing out the pieces) and that 5/16 to 1/4 adapter he has linked is a lifesaver!!!

I'm glad it helped!

I recently had a similar experience. I switched filaments and everything started working great.
So... Question, Have you tried a different spool?
Good luck. I hope you can work it out.

I believe the problem is the flow rate. Set it at 95-100 for entire print.

What slicer software are you using?

Cura is the slicer. I think it may be something with the flow rate, because the initial line is fine... then it goes SUPER thin and will not adhere to the bed (with glue stick).

I'll check out the flow rate and let you know. Thanks!

what is extrusion setting? Blue painter tape works wonders for first layer adhesion

Extruder settings in the configuration menu...

Steps/MM: 96mm
Start FR: 20
Max FR: 50
Accel: 5000
Stab. Time: 1
Wait Units: 0mm
Wait Temp: 150c

Try blue painters tape. Are you printing with PLA?

Yeah... PLA. Have tried different temps... 195, 200, 215... still getting this.


Sorry, I meant x axis.

Thanks! Yeah. I have made sure everything is level and I am still having trouble with the initial layer adhesion. If I can get the first layer down, I can get the model printed. Just seems like this is impossible at the moment.

I have not tried a glue stick or anything just yet. Just trying to get it to print a simple raft demo model is problematic.

Getting pretty frustrated.


I am not sure if you got this figured out yet but to me this looks like the same issue I had when the print bed wasnt hot enough.

make sure your Y axis rod is level as well, Level bed with a sheet of standard copier paper. Let there be some resistance on sliding paper under the nozzle. Then try using the quick print tab on Cura and set it back to default settings. Try it with PLA first. I hope this helps