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I3 Modification Kit Interest

by mitmiles


I've had the Duplicator I3 for a while now and it is fully upgrades with all of the modifications. I was thinking about putting together and selling a kit that includes everything you need to add most of the modifications (ex. glass bed with thermal pads, microswiss hot end, z-brace hardware, thicker y-axis carriage, diicooler fan and fan shroud, mossfet (optional for who needs it)).

Most people here have probably already done the modifications, but for people who haven't, would a full kit with all the parts and hardware included be something you are interested in? It would be a plug and play kit with everything you need without any trips to the store.

Please let me know what you think, thanks!

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Nozzle temp vs true temp

by joblackk4949

I had a suspicion that my temperature is not what the console is reporting. After purchasing a laser thermometer gun, i was shocked to find a huge discrepancy. I've set the console to 200 Degrees, the nozzle temp is at around 130. The termister was replaced since one of the leads broke but temperature probe did not and so I can only assume it should report the same temperature. Am I missing something?

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My flow is whack!

by under400feet

I know people say this all the time... however I will start with... I have leveled this bed a dozen times! I have tried with a piece of paper, a business card, a level, and cleaned the nozzle. I have had this printer for a week or so, so the only "mods" I have printed is the cable management piece for the bed heater. While I am all for making this printer "better" with tweaks and mods, I do think it should at least work straight out of the box. It probably does, I just have my settings jacked up in Cura, no doubt.

Which leads me to my actual question... I am getting these really thin lines from the extruder while trying to print just about anything. Does anyone know what is causing this? Flow rate? Distance from the bed (which is the thickness of a piece of printer paper)?

Thank you for any guidance on this, as clearly I am just learning this interesting new art/hobby.


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Filament stop issue

by AlbeeSoaring

Let me start by saying that I am new to 3D printing. I just got a maker select for Christmas as most people do. I did a few test prints and they turned out ok. I made a filament guide and that printed fine as well. Yesterday I started the print for the z axis brace modification. This was going to be a 18ish hour print. I check it many times and everything was fine. I got up this morning and noticed that the nozzle was about 3mm away from the objects and no filament was extruding. I grabbed the filament softly and noticed I could pull it right out. I pushed down on it a little and the filament started to feed in and then started to extrude. I scrapped that print and started it again. This time it did the same thing only after 1.5 hours. Any idea what is happening? I was wondering if maybe the extruder was set to hot and maybe it started to melt before the feeder wheels. I did lower the temp on the second try.

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Erroneous Extruder Temp reading

by FlashVZ

I'm a bit confused by this and I'm trying to figure this out. Maybe someone can help me out.

Anyway, the temperature reading for the extruder on my Maker Select V2 seems to hovering around 250C: http://i.imgur.com/1kLIPxx.jpg?2 ... it shows this very moment I boot up the 3D printer.

Prior to this, I had a colossal accident that resulted in me in replacing the heater block, heater core, thermistor, and hot end. Simply put, I didn't screw in the nozzle all the way when I replaced it, and after a while, a gigantic ball of filament got all over the wires of the heater core. After removing the excess filament, it seemed the cables to the core and thermistor broke off. Figured I'd just replace the whole assembly.

After acquiring spare parts to replace everything that broke, it seemed that the extruder temperature is spitting out an erroneous reading of a 250C. Everything is mostly OEM/Stock except for the hot end, which is a Micro Swiss all-metal hot end instead of a PTFE lined hot end (something I was meaning to pick up anyway).I'm not really sure what's causing this and maybe you guys can figure it out.

I also posted this issue on /r/3DPrinting but I didn't get much feedback there: https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/6kcipy/extruder_temp_stuck_at_250_c_how_to_fix_it/


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Monoprice 13860 Maker Select 3d Printer V2 Issue

by TheMortis

I'm hoping that one of you could help me on an issue I am having. I bought the Monoprice 13860 Maker Select 3d Printer V2 off eBay a few months ago. To make a long story short it wasn't in the shape as described. After putting it together the left z axis will not move regardless if I try to through the menus or manually. The rod will not turn. My first though is that the motor is locked, burnt out, or something.
I contacted Monoprice and they are willing to help me but they are looking for the order number from when the original owner from eBay purchased. They will not do anything with out it. I've contacted the guy who I bought it from to try and get the number but it's been over a week and still nothing so I'm counting that as a dead end.
Does anyone know what I could do to get this to work? A place I could buy a new motor if that becomes the issue? Luckily this is not my main printer, I also have a ROBO R1+ that I like a lot better than the Monoprice but if I don't get this working it's just an expensive paper weight taking up relestate on my desk.
Any help, suggestions, etc. is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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Is the Maker Select v2 good?

by TheBearClaw

I want to get into 3d printing but I'm a broke high student. Is this printer the best for the money? it has the build plate that I want and is able to print with multiple types of filaments and is under 400. The reviews on monoprice are positive YouTube and amazon positive but mixed. I wanted to ask from actual owners of this printer if this printer is worth the time and effort to buy this modded it to print better or not.
Also want mods should I do to make this print the best it can.(I know probably one of the upgrades would probably be a mirco swiss all metal hotend)

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Maker Select v2 in the mail

by pinkrtn

Hey all, Just ordered my first personal 3d printer, the Maker select v2 seemed to be a better option than the mini for me, and maybe a little less QC issues as well. Just wanted to ask around for any recommended mods to do. I bought all the hardware for the z brace mod, and i bought M3 thumbwheels for bed leveling (didn't want to print em). Other than those things, i wanna know what i should look out for or mod ASAP for when i set it up. I have previous experience with MakerBots from my college, but nothing as far as this printer goes. Thanks!

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Weird Sounds from control box

by Hollandator

When I first turn my printer on, the control box starts to make vibrating sounds or clinking sounds. Then it stops after a few minutes. Any help?

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