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Heated bed for sale

by redstorm64

Looking to sell a heated bed I purchased from a Kickstarter when I first got my Micro. Unfortunately the Kickstarter project was super delayed (go figure) and by the time I got my bed my printer was no longer working reliably. I used the bed a handful of times when I first got it and it's just sat since then. Link to the kickstarter project is below.


I was actually pretty happy with the quality of the product. Includes a heated aluminum bed with PEI on top, power module, power adapter, and bed mounts that use the existing holes in printer. I used it with Octoprint and the M33 Fio firmware and Octoprint auto-detected the bed. The Kickstarter creator also created a simple telnet program for controlling the bed temp via PC without Octoprint but I never tried it. I can send the files he provided though if desired. I assume someone could modify it to run off a temp controller if they wanted to as well.

Since it's just been sitting on my desk for so long I figured maybe somebody could put it to better use. I paid around $100 for the package off Kickstarter, would be willing to part with it for $50 + shipping to wherever you may be. Let me know if anybody is interested.

heated bed micro
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One corner is up to high.

by MockingbirdGamer

I have the M3D Micro Plus printer and towards the end of a print (it was kind of a tall object if that makes a difference) one of the rails (or whatever they're called, sorry I don't know the exact terminology, but one of the things that makes it go up and down), got way higher than the other ones for some reason. I'm afraid if I try doing a calibration test it might break since all the rails move at the same time. So does anyone know how I can move one rail at a time so I can get the one corner even with the rest, I was hoping not to have to take the entire thing apart, but that's looking like something I might have to do. Or any other ideas on how to fix this problem?

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Getting (re)started with my Micro and getting an odd error

by nlbrmn

I have a Micro from the Kickstarter campaign. I was able to make some prints on it originally, but it have been a a few years since I last printed. Anticipating that there had been a software update, I've checked M3D's site, found v1.8.1.0, and installed it along with the new mono item. I am able to run the software. It sees my printer and I have been able to load a filament. However...

When I try to open/load an STL model, I get an error that says:
"objc[37299] : Class
FIFinderSyncExtensionHost is implemented in both /S
ystem/Librar y/PrivateFrameworks/FinderKitframewor
k/Versions/A/FinderKit (0x7fff8fd6fcd0) and /Syste
m/Library/PrivateFrame works/FileProvider.framework
0 v erridehundle / Contents /MacOS/FinderSy ncCollabor
ationFileProviderOverride (0xll4cd5cd8). Ône of the
two will be used. Which one is undefined,/Users/neil/
Downloads A "" ~'*_4_l_l.stl."

Might anyone here know what this message means and, more importantly, how to solve it so I can actually print?
I have tried opening several different STL files, including "Benchy" and models that I had previously printed... all yield the same error.
If it helps to know, I am using a MacBook Pro running OS 10.13.6


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Bricked My Machine Please Help :(

by MissyAmerica

I've spent days designing a model for a contest to win the newest M3D machine. It wasn't printing. During a firmware update it disconnected and now I am getting the "invalid firmware" disaster.
Is there anything I can do?
I need to get these printing now if I'm going to enter the contest.
I have the Micro+
I am BRAND NEW to printing and was finally getting the hang of things. This makes me so sad. I've only had the machine since December.

I have tried...
A different computer
uninstalling the software
installing older versions
I am getting bootloader code B007 (whatever that means)

Thanks in advance!

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A heated bed for the Micro!

by I_Like_Stuff

I have made proper heated bed for the Micro if you want any information just ask.

Parts list:

  Heated Bed- http://www.ebay.com/itm/PCB-Heated-Bed-Hot-Plate-120-120mm-12V-MK2B-Kit-For-Mendel-RepRap-3D-Printer-    /192099356264?epid=551148708&hash=item2cba038e68:g:mU4AAOSwNnRYmu1t

  Power supply (Choose 12v 20a)- http://www.ebay.com/itm/AC-110V-220V-TO-DC-5V-12V-24V-Switch-Power-Supply-Driver-Adapter-LED-Strip-Light-/152134115704?var=&hash=item236be66178:m:mnohYz4NZlT_Dq5l5lWNUMg

 Temperature sensor- https://www.amazon.co.uk/KKmoon-Temperature-Controller-Thermocouple-Protection/dp/B00HC6PDAW/ref=pd_bxgy_60_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=MENEWN2TPFSK3S1T95YB

 Box- https://www.amazon.co.uk/sourcingmap-170mmx140mmx95mm-Dustproof-Junction-Enclosure/dp/B06ZY2WG9H/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1498975174&sr=8-17&keywords=junction+box

Fan (Optional)- https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00QPUEUSW/ref=s9_dcacsd_dcoop_bw_c_x_1_w

It is finished!

Here are some photos https://www.dropbox.com/sh/444iton3z0yp784/AAABvLPSIomvHwX1U1Sbvz18a?dl=0

Ispiration came from https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/m3d-the-micro-3d-printer/topic:5457

I am willing to sell my Micro with the heated bed just ask (mainly for UK citizens as shipping will be very expensive elsewhere)

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M3D micro extrusion problems

by dotpix

I have an M3D micro that starts extruding well but all of a sudden stops extruding, it's the 3rd extrusion core I've changed but this one don't seems to have the gear problem. Any suggestions?

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M33 Fio: The best software for the Micro 3D printer

by donovan6000

M33 Fio

© 2015-2017 Exploit Kings. All rights reserved.


M33 Fio is a plugin for OctoPrint that extends its capabilities to make it fully compatible with the Micro 3D printer. Both OctoPrint and M33 Fio can run on Windows, macOS, and Linux, so this solution is the first platform independent option available for this printer.

The latest version of M33 Fio is V1.21 released on August 4th, 2017, and an entire changelog for it can be found here.


  • Platform independent
  • Open source (M33 Fio's source code can be found here)
  • Supports STL, OBJ, M3D, AMF, VRML, COLLADA, and 3MF file formats
  • Allows printing multiple objects together
  • Displays an accurate representation of the printable region
  • Objects can be manipulated, cloned, cut, and merged
  • Displays an objects dimensions
  • Multiple printer support
  • Fully customizable slicing profiles
  • Accurate bed calibration
  • Supports the Micro 3D compatible heatbed
  • Firmware updating system that allows installing official and third party firmwares
  • EEPROM management
  • Webcam streaming
  • Changing filament in the middle of a print
  • Compatible with the Micro 3D open source firmware iMe


There's installers available for Windows, macOS, and Linux that install OctoPrint, M33 Fio, and device drivers for the printer and heatbed. These installers all add OctoPrint as a startup program and create a shortcut on the desktop that allows accessing OctoPrint's user interface.

If you already have OctoPrint installed, M33 Fio can be installed directly from OctoPrint's builtin plugin manager by searching for it in the plugin repository.


You'll need to disable M33 Fio's "Not using a Micro 3D printer" setting in OctoPrint's settings in order to use this plugin with a Micro 3D printer. After that you can immediately connect to a printer and start printing. M33 Fio works in conjunction with OctoPrint's auto-detect serial port and baud rate features, so neither of those values need to be specified in order to successfully connect to the printer. After connecting to a printer, all of that printer's existing settings, like backlash and bed calibration values, will be read in and used by M33 Fio to make transitioning over from M3D's official software as simple as possible.

OctoPrint uses external slicers to convert 3D object files into printable G-code, and, if you currently have M3D's official software installed, M33 Fio will automatically configure OctoPrint to use the Cura Engine slicer that comes with it. However I recommend installing the latest Cura V15.04 release so that you can enjoy all the latest improvements to the Cura Engine slicer. After a slicer is installed, printing a model is as simple as dragging and dropping a file onto OctoPrint's user interface.

OctoPrint is a web server, and it can allow remotely connecting to it. So you can open port 5000 in your computer's firewall and configure your router to route all traffic on that port to your computer to allow using your printer from anywhere in the world.

Known Issues

  • Everything works in all versions of OctoPrint >= 1.2.0 except the Micro 3D printer connection routine which only works with versions of OctoPrint >= 1.2.5
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 doesn't display webcam stream since it doesn't natively support MJPEG videos
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 doesn't resize slicer profile editor correctly
  • Microsoft Edge displays webcam stream as a still image
  • Can't host more than one webcam stream at a time since it always hosts on port 4999


Additional controls are added to OctoPrint's control panel that allow doing everything from loading filament to updating the firmware.
alt text
M33 Fio allows changing all of the printer's settings in the M33 Fio tab located in OctoPrint's settings.
alt text
The slicer profile editor lets you quickly specify the quality and fill options of a print while still giving you the ability to fine tune every available setting.
alt text
The model editor allows manipulating the model before it's sliced. It can perform all the standard operations like translating, rotating, and scaling models.
alt text
It can also clone and import other models to allow printing more than one model at a time.
alt text
It can even cut and merge models to make even large models printable.
alt text


Q. I can't connect to the printer. I receive an error similar to, "Unexpected error while connecting to serial port: AUTO SerialException: 'could not open port 'COM13': WindowsError(5, 'Access is denied.')'" every time I try to connect."

A. Close M3D's official software if it's open, and make sure no other programs are currently using the printer. If the problem persists, then restart your computer.

Q. I receive a message similar to, "It's recommended that you disable this server's sleep functionality while printing if it's not already disabled." What does this mean?

A. M33 Fio attempts to prevent the server that it's running on from suspending/sleeping while printing, and that message gets displayed if it is unable to do so. Don't be too alarmed by this message since it doesn't mean that the server will go to sleep. It just means that M33 Fio can't prevent it from going to sleep.

Q. I installed Cura, but the slice button next to the uploaded files is still grayed out.

A. If M33 Fio detects that Cura is installed, it'll automatically configure OctoPrint to use it. However OctoPrint isn't aware of that configuration change immediately so you'll need to refresh your web browser several times for it to take affect.

Q. How do I re-open the print session if I closed the web browser?

A. Just go to the same URL that you were at before and it'll re-open the same session. You might have to refresh your web browser several times if it doesn't successfully restore the session.

Q. Even though I have the heatbed plugged in, I get an error similar to, "Warn: Not sending "M190 S100", printer profile has no heated bed" when I try to use it.

A. M33 Fio dynamically changes the printer profile whenever the heatbed is plugged in, however OctoPrint will sometimes not immediately become aware of that profile changed. So either refresh your web browser a couple of times or unplug and re-plugin the heatbed.

Q. OctoPrint's terminal shows an error about how it couldn't determine the printer's baud rate when trying to connect to the printer.

A. Something caused M33 Fio to crash, so you'll need to restart it. This can be accomplished by restarting OctoPrint, which can be done by restarting your computer.

Q. Can I use this plugin if I don't have a Micro 3D printer?

A. Yes you can. M33 Fio is already setup to be used by printers other than the Micro 3D printer by default. If you having trouble connecting to a different type of printer then make sure that M33 Fio's "Not using a Micro 3D printer" setting is enabled.

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Cura with the orignal micro

by Dezmo_Delta_Bluefire

After using my micro for such a long time, I have been testing out cura to replace the old M3D software. Has anyone had luck with this?

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octopi update seems to break the m33 fio plugin

by GraydonT

i keep getting this warning when trying to use the m3d with octoprint after the latest update.
yet itll let me use my fire hazard of a rep rap.
anyone else having this problem?

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