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32 bit Board Sugestions for a Kossel?

32bit delta kossel

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Last night while upgrading my effector on my Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus I zapped (static) my GLCD (on the metal bezel of all places), and probably also blew some I/O's my Re-ARM which is attached to it. I'm waiting on a replacement display to check it out before I know for sure. I've been using the Re-ARM with RAMPS 1.6 (running Marlin 2.0) for a while and like it for the most part, but the Re-ARM is far from perfect (but it is cheap). If my Re-ARM is blown, I would like to look at other options. The only thing that I think I would really call a need with a 32bit board is Marlin support, and stepstick driver support, any suggestions or experince with em?

Well I may have lucked out, my new LCD arrived today and it looks like the Re-ARM lives to print again! I'm probably gonna wait for the next version of the SKR and if they keep the price about the same that will be my next project. Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions on 32 bit boards!

I also remixed Jimustanguitar's case for the RRD Full Graphics LCD to now have a protective bezel that should help me avoid zapping the new one.

Improved Full Graphic LCD Case - with screen bezel (REMIX)

I bought one of these last year:
KINGPRINT NEW Smoothieware Controller Board MKS SBASE V1.3 32bit Controller Panel Board for 3D Printer
KINGPRINT 3D Printer Controller Board MKS TFT32 3.2-inch Full-Color Touch Screen for 3D Printer
I bought some ribbon cable and I made a hand held controller box for the printer. My cable is about 5 feet long or so.
I don't know if this board supports Marlin or not but Smoothieware is great.
I love it. I was able to customize some icons and screens. and I finally got my delta curve thing flattened out because it is so easy to adjust in Smoothieware. This is the best this printer has ever printed.
Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus with a E3D V6 conversion with my adjustable tensioner carriages printing on a heated bed with a glass plate with a build sheet on top of the glass plate. I left the original limit switch end stops with the adjustment screw because it makes it so easy to fine tune.
I am working on adding a second extruder. Waiting on more stuff...
The only bad thing about this combination is that I think I am seen as a traitor or a thief for using Smoothiware and not getting an authentic Smoothiware board. But overall I didn't need much help anyway and I have no regrets. I'm happy in my little world.

Haha, I think you are in good company, with many of the 32 bit boards taking advantage of Smoothieware (and maybe single digit percentages being actual Smoothieboards). My preference is for Marlin since that's what I know a bit about setting up (but is just a preference). The screen you linked looks cool but costs more than the board, so being cheap as I am, would probably skip that and go with the basic GLCD like the one I likely fried (also fewer tears when I eventually break it or it fails on it's own). Before I found the SKR 1.1, I had the MKS 1.3 in my sights and just happened on the SKR at Amazon. The SKR has an onboard microSD, and important for myself, the stepstick support, but otherwise looks about the same as the MKS 1.3 (I want to use the TMC drivers since I already have some collecting dust).

Your setup sounds like what I should have when I'm done (again) - I was installing and tweaking a new printed effector for the V6, and was about done, but had to troubleshoot my 3Dtouch probe, when my wrist brushed against the bezel of the GLCD and the rest is history. I'm interested in the adjustable tensioner carriages you mentioned, do you have a link for those? Thanks.

Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus carriage tensioner

Replying to my own thread, but I found a board called the BIQU SKR V1.1 which is a 32Bit board, supports stepsticks and appears to have a pins.h in Marlin which I just found (pins_BIQU_SKR_V1.1.h), and is only $26 on Amazon. The support seems new after looking over a thread for it, but could be a winner.



Anyone used this board?

I use two of these boards from aliexpress, bought for about 15usd eatch. They seem to work fine, but i didn't risk powering heated bed of those, used external mosfet. They come with smoothie firmware, but it also works with Marlin 2.0 and klipper.

Thanks for confirming they work, very few reviews on it since they are newer. I probably gonna pick one up if my Re-ARM is hosed (or maybe even if it isn't). I like the design of an integrated board like the SKR over the RAMPS sandwich for the sake of cooling which has been a problem for my setup. I already use a BIQU RAMPS 1.6 with my Linear Plus and have been using the mosfet on that for the bed without issue, but it is not a big bed so that may help. Always a good idea to be skeptical of the mosfets on these boards :D

They say it handles up to 110w, mines rated at 120w so I didn't take the risk, but some round hotbeds should be safe. Also creator/tester stated that skr 1.3 should be out soon.

Cool, I need to check my heated bed, but am 99% sure it is well under 110W. I would plan to add some heatsinks on the mosfets also. Thanks for the heads up on the SKR 1.3, I may wait for that one if my Re-ARM checks out OK, but after seeing the v1.1, I am already thinking it checks most of the boxes for my needs.