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Buildsize Kossel lineair plus 230 or 210?

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Hey there,

I'm trying to print a new design for a protectionplate for the underside of my Kossel, The plate has a diameter of 210 mm, with some mounting gear that exceeds that diameter (max 213 mm). I thought the build volume was 230 mm as advertised, but I can't go beyond the 210. When it first exceeds the 210 mm one of the arms gives a "kloink" and the bed-leveling after that is totally off, until a cm above the correct position, re-leveling solves that btw.
In the settings (move axis) the max. for the X and Y goes from -105 to 105 mm (=210 mm). Manually you can move it to ca. 115/230 mm. So is it the firmware? or is it a problem with the hardware ( the "kloink")?

Rods are 265 mm (axis to axis)
Buildplate 240 mm.

UPDATE: according to two fellowmakers (thanks), Marlin 1.1.8 and 1.1.9 should give no problems.

what happens when you hear the 'klonk' sound? does one of the arms suddenly stop moving or jerk unexpectedly? That kind of sound is usually the result of an actuator reaching a motion limit, so I'd double check that you aren't hitting the end of one of the linear rails by mistake to start with. Other thing it could be is that your nozzle hit a protruding part of the bed's mounting hardware, I had that happen all the time when I was starting out.

Probably the motion limit. The problem is a little strange and unexpected, see my reply to Goury.

This should be firmware configuration, physically this machine can do even 250mm circles

You are right it can do circles of 230 mm. I did a little test with a circle of 230, 220 and 210mm, there was absolutely no problem with the reach or with the print. But when i added a little square which exceeded the 210 mm it crashed (not a "kloink" but a rattle in this case) and again the leveling was totally off.
The stl of the test is added. I sliced it in Slic3r, Gcode also added, rectangle starts there at line 590 (the message and beep above, I added later to warn me). I can't find anything strange there.

The placement of the rectangle on the 210 circle makes no difference, print fails, printer crashes.
I suspect that if the GCode goes from inside the 210 circle to outside of that circle, the firmware can't handle it and crashes. Why I don't know. If I remember well, the older version of the plus had a buildplate/size of 220/210 mm instead of 240/230. Maybe the firmware is not updated?
I didn't test any further because I like my Kossel and won't stress it further.
I contacted Anycubic about this, hopefully they have an answer. UPDATE:: They didn't.